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Daily Mail breaks ranks with Ibrox Media Price List

Image for Daily Mail breaks ranks with Ibrox Media Price List

The English edition of the has broken an embargo by revealing that the club from Ibrox are looking for £25,000 for basic media access.

Since Dave Graham took over communications at Ibrox in March 2020 there has been an even more aggressive stance taken to ensure that the media has remained on message.

Various stories have circulated about bans and fall-outs as the extreme fan elements are given increased access while monitoring every aspect of Mainstream output.

The introduction of Zoom conferences last season created increased control, on some occasions the Ibrox club sent out an email with player quotes for newspapers to use as preview pieces.

With almost everything inside Ibrox being monetised attention has now turned to the media who are provided with content on an almost daily basis.

In his Sports Diary piece in the Daily Mail, Mike Keegan reveals:

appear to have let their first Scottish title in 10 years go to their heads. In a worrying development, the Ibrox club are trying to charge newspapers £25,000 for one reporter and one photographer to attend matches and pre-match press conferences.

The tidy sum will also buy five exclusive interviews and a sit-down with manager Steven Gerrard.  For £10,000, media get access and one exclusive. The response from major newspapers has been cool, but claim: ‘We are very pleased that we have received positive responses to our media partnership packages.’

Newspapers get a separate conference to broadcast media with the broadcast aspect often uploaded to within two hours of being completed.

The Press Association attend the broadcast conference then circulate the content to their subscribers, rather than shell out £25,000 for bland content from Mister Gerrard some titles might decide to fall back on PA while watching matches virtually and picking up quotes from various outlets.

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