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Things aren’t right behind the scenes! Kris Boyd’s Celtic theory

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Kris Boyd has claimed that things aren’t right behind the scenes at Celtic!

What insight the former striker has is anyone’s guess or it could be a case of wishful thinking with Celtic spending £12m more on transfers than ’s side.

With Ange Postecoglou and Dom McKay both new to the job and being dropped into a transfer window there were bound to be some issues as the two men come to terms with the demands of their roles.

The arrival of players has been slow but ever the opportunist, writing in The Sun Boyd claims:

Before the European game the other night the new boss talked about the board hesitating on getting deals done. But post-match he was taking full responsibility for everything.

Postecoglou even came out and claimed he hadn’t done a great job since becoming the Celtic manager. If I didn’t know better I’d say someone had a word with him after his initial comments.

But trust me on this, it tells me something isn’t right behind the scenes. Postecoglou may only be just through the door and it may be early days but I get the impression already he’s realised things aren’t all as they seemed before he took over.

As well as his job with The Sun Boyd is also the regular pundit for who have exclusive coverage of the Premiership.

It has been reported that Celtic have banned from home matches, it remains to be seen if that will remain the case going into the new season.

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