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Mainstream broadcasters lose the plot as they turn to Keevins and Adam over Ibrox fans racism

Image for Mainstream broadcasters lose the plot as they turn to Keevins and Adam over Ibrox fans racism

Faced with the serious issue of racism last night Radio Scotland and Radio Clyde both failed miserably to tackle the problem in a mature manner.

When you call on Hugh Keevins and Charlie Adam to share their expert views you know what to expect. While Kenny MacIntyre nodded on in agreement with Adam ensuring that two clubs are equally at fault Gordon Duncan on Clyde took Keevins to task as the veteran hack got misty eyed about the free-living days of the sixties.

That was the generation of Civil Rights. Of Martin Luther King and South African apartheid. Closer to home Rangers Football Club (in Liquidation) operated a No Catholics signing policy that the Scottish media were happy to keep quiet about, possibly because they employed very similar but less public policies.

Keevins was one of the few from a Catholic background to make it through, from DC Thompson to The Scotsman then onto a larger audience with Radio Clyde.

In July 1989 he reported on Maurice Johnston signing for Rangers (IL), soon after Davie Cooper left the club. In 2006 UEFA stepped in to ban one song very popular with Ibrox fans, neither the SFA, SPL or SFL had ever taken any action about that song.

Despite all this background Keevins believes that we currently live in more divisive times, racism appears to be a recent phenomenon. Fortunately, Duncan was able to challenge those views, typically Keevins doubled down when given the chance to dig himself out.

Over on Radio Scotland Adam decided to open up on his decade long hell over a song sung about his sister’s underwear. The timing is significant.

The Dundee midfielder revealed the hurt he had suffered two weeks earlier against Celtic but he had kept quiet about it during his multiple media appearances.

With the focus on Ibrox racists Adam had to speak out. With Mark Hateley, Chris Burke, Richard Foster, Billy Dodds, Neil McCann, Derek Ferguson and Steven Thompson on their regular rota only the editorial team at Sportsound will know why they called in Adam to discuss the racist abuse of Kyogo.

In 2019 UEFA twice closed sections of Ibrox for Europa League matches due to racist incidents.

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