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Police Scotland deny facilitating anti-Irish hate march through Glasgow city centre

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Police Scotland have denied facilitating an anti-Irish hate march through the centre of Glasgow.

Yesterday morning hundreds of fans gathered in the city centre to stage an illegal gathering and march to Ibrox ahead of the match against Celtic.

Despite widespread damage and criticism following events in March and May news of convictions has been slow to emerge with around 15,000 congregating in the city centre in March with Police Scotland taking a back-seat.

Footage of yesterday’s celebrations over the Irish Famine that killed over 1,000,000 people and brought thousands of Irish men, woman and children to Scotland was condemned by SNP politicians from across Scotland but there wasn’t any comment from the Unionist parties.

In a Police statement, Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins said:

We did not facilitate this event and to say so is inaccurate. Officers on patrol came across this group as it was making its way through Glasgow City Centre. Due to the numbers and to ensure public and officer safety, additional officers were called to assist and, at this point, individuals’ details were noted and the group dispersed.

A retrospective investigation into this anti-Irish Catholic singing has been launched and we are following up a number of lines of enquiry, including reviewing CCTV footage and footage on social media.  I fully expect a number of arrests to be made.

This type of anti-Irish Catholic behaviour is wholly unacceptable. Our enquiries are ongoing to identify those who were involved and we will take the appropriate action against them. We would ask anyone who has any information that could assist our investigation to contact us.

However, the challenges of the sectarianism still evident in some parts of Scotland are a much broader societal problem and, whilst policing will have a role to play in addressing the symptoms, its causes are a problem which require a more effective, joined-up, civic response.

The last paragraph seems questionable, it isn’t the job of police to shape society. Their role is to implement the law of the land.

Next month 34 Orange Order marches will take place on routes throughout Glasgow bringing the city to a halt.

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