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Succulent Tam English hits back at gloating Celtic fans

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Tom English ended his Saturday night on comfortable ground- trying to attack Celtic fans.

What had promised to be an excellent day turned into something of a nightmare for the office-bound chief sports reporter at the BBC (Scotland branch office).

Over in Tokyo English wasn’t required to add his wit and wisdom to coverage of the Olympics, even the South African egg-chasing with ‘the lions’, the love of his life didn’t require his depth of experience. He knows rugger so good that he once wrote a book about it.

Instead of an expense filled jolly to Japan or South Africa he had to settle for a cosy studio in Glasgow watching the telly with Mark er um Hateley.

His pre-match thoughts on Dundee United’s plight will go down in legend, just like last summer when he was drip fed exclusives from Gorgie Road he managed to get everything wrong.

Humility isn’t part of his makeup. Rather than admit he got things completely wrong, that his heart had ruled his head he decided to have a pop at Celtic fans. At midnight. It must have been a very painful day in the English household as he watched colleagues from the British Broadcasting Corporation enjoying live sport around the world while he entertained Hateley as Celtic fans gloated at his pain and discomfort.

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