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Video Shocker that exposes Madden, SFA and Halliday

Image for Video Shocker that exposes Madden, SFA and Halliday

The SFA, and Bobby Madden should be in the dock this morning with questions to answer. Perhaps if the midfielder had succeeded in breaking Callum McGregor’s ankle the issue might have surfaced.

In Scotland it is just one of those exciting incidents as the football authorities opened up the season with a result that will excite plenty of stakeholders. seemed very pleased with the product that they were served.

Being a Scottish match it is almost accepted that there will be moments of brutality, just as likely the will avoid dealing with the incident appropriately by issuing a red card.

With McGregor breaking free from midfield a good attack was opening up for Celtic, Halliday knew it. He also knew that the match was a right good guy, one of the lads.

The midfielder had no prospect of connecting with the ball, and no intention of reaching it. Madden knows that Andy is a right good lad and refused to even book him for a late and deliberate attack on McGregor’s ankle.

Madden and McGregor are two of a kind. A couple of mates used to each other’s company and sharing the same interests. The Open Goal podcast shows how well they get along.

This morning Madden has his match fee, Halliday his win bonus and fortunately McGregor’s ankle remains intact. It won’t be the last shocking decision by Madden or Halliday this season.

No Scottish match officials were invited to the European Championships.

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