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Be careful about the narrative- Postecoglou’s very telling comment on McKay’s sudden exit

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Ange Postecoglou gave a polished, diplomatic answer when he was asked about sudden departure from but he did drop one telling comment.

The now departed CEO arrived to shadow Peter Lawwell in mid-April when the club was still without a manager.

When Eddie Howe dropped out of contention the focus quickly turned to Ange Postecoglou who was duly delivered and unveiled alongside McKay as ’s new leadership package.

The Australian would have been known to the board as a manager within the City Football Group, in charge of Yokohama Marinos.

After that initial media conference McKay took a back-seat. At a club without a Head of Football Operations and missing the CEO who had been in place for 17 years he was presented with a massive rebuilding job while selling off three important players.

In light of those circumstances ’s squad emerged from the transfer window in better shape than most fans anticipated.

Who deserves the credit for that is anyone’s guess. Postecoglou did have a hands-on roll in bringing in 12 players but after today’s win over he made it clear that his employment wasn’t build around the judgement of McKay.

We just have to be careful about the narrative, about who brought me to the club. All those kind of things.

From my point of view I was as surprised as anyone that Dom resigned yesterday, I’m going to be respectful of him and his family, when people cite personal reasons there is a reason that they do that.

From a club perspective Michael (Nicholson) is now in charge which is good for me. I already know Michael, I’ve already worked with him. My attitude to all this is that we are all just transient figures here, we all pass through this great club, the constants are the ones that come in here (fans) and what they expect, irrespective of what happens is that you get on with representing this football club and try to do your best.

I’ve had that view for my whole career and nothing that has happened recently changes that.

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