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Call it out Pat? Celtic fans demand that Nevin acts on John McGinn abuse at Chelsea

Image for Call it out Pat? Celtic fans demand that Nevin acts on John McGinn abuse at Chelsea

are requesting Pat Nevin to call out the sickening abuse that John McGinn suffered playing against Chelsea.

On Saturday the Aston Villa midfielder was taking a corner at Stamford Bridge when a home fan let rip with the sort of hatred normally associated with the Ibrox match-day experience.

There is always the possibility that the mastermind that dubbed the infamous Sweet Caroline video of Steven Gerrard’s players has been at work again but in a broad English accent there seems little dubiety about the abuse aimed at the Scotland midfielder.

At the 2011 Scottish Cup Final, prompted by Rob McLean on BBC 1, Nevin pledged to become an anti- activist after someone informed the BBC anchorman of reports of sectarian singing from Celtic fans.

No footage was shared by the BBC with the allegation made shortly after the old club were fined by for racist chanting, in their final ever tie in Malmo there were no inside the ground.

After his high profile pledge little has been seen or heard from Nevin about his campaign. These days he appears mainly in the English media and is a regular on Chelsea TV and the club website.

In his latest autobiography Nevin claimed that he was offered the job of becoming Celtic CEO while still playing for Everton. Former owner John Boyle denies ever making the offer to the eighties hipster.

These days Nevin claims to be a Hibs and Chelsea fan.

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