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Celtic announce the details of their Adidas windfall

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Celtic’s switch from New Balance to Adidas last year boosted income from merchandise by just over £7.5m.

With turnover dipping from £70m to £60m bringing in £22.6m from merchandise was a very timely boost straight from the pockets of supporters.

Having previously been with Umbro, Nike and New Balance the switch to Adidas was highly popular among supporters with concept strips appearing online as fans guessed what impact the three stripes would have on the traditional hoops.

In the club’s annual report CEO Michael Nicholson writes:

In the last year we have enjoyed working alongside Adidas, our new technical kit partner. The response of the Club’s supporters to the new merchandise has been outstanding, with record sales through our stores and online. This reflects both the combined global strength of the Club and Adidas brand as well as the quality of the products on offer and we look forward to successful years ahead with Adidas as a key partner.

Three strips came out last season as well as the training and leisurewear, producing a 50% increase in income during a pandemic is quite an achievement, demonstrating the core backing that the club has worldwide.

Bringing in £22.6m from one source is more than all except one SPFL club can turnover in a year, in the year to 30 June 2020 Aberdeen reported turnover of £14.335m.

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  • Joan Molloy says:

    Yes but badge is on wrong side on a jacket I bought.

  • Mike says:

    Sponsorship companies are attracted to Celtic FC because the supporters buy their products, without a generous support they couldn’t sell their merchandise, the board may take the credit for attracting the sponsorship, but the real credit belongs to the support.

    A plethora of players, they come into Lennoxtoun by the van load, and then they disappear, where they go to, no-one knows, who decides who to bring them in, or to sell? but they drop of the radar like ghosts. Whatever happened to, you attack as a team and you defend as a team? why do we go “Tora Tora Tora” and leave the back door open, there’s no use having ‘good players’ if they don’t know how to be tactically aware.

  • Peter cassidy says:

    If liewell and Desmond who we are told top business men why is our turnover so bad i know covid caused severe trouble but our turnover is really very poor considering the size of celtic we have fans world wide why are we not targeting these fans but then again we need a top team football wise and competent board of directors .aswell sadly at present we don’t have have both .

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