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Daily Record reveals Police investigation into ‘hate-filled sectarian tweets’ from David Edgar’s Heart & Hand media group

Image for Daily Record reveals Police investigation into ‘hate-filled sectarian tweets’ from David Edgar’s Heart & Hand media group

Heart and Hand- the media group led  by David Edgar- is at the centre of a Police investigation over historical tweets using offensive terms against a variety of groups.

Edgar is one of the leading lights in the group and is a regular in Steven Gerrard’s media calls with the Ibrox boss on first name terms as he responds to questions that usually start with a chummy ‘Hi Steven’ or ‘Good Morning Steven’.

He might be reinventing himself to Ibrox PR chief David Graham, an occasional contributor to Heart & Hand before his Ibrox call up, but his digital finger prints have been brought to light in another embarrassing development for the club formed in 2012 by the big hands of Charles Green, introducing their report the Record states:

The social media accounts linked to three leaders of the Heart and Hand website make references to “tarriers”, “papes”, “Romanists”, “bead rattlers” and “beggars” – terms deemed to be highly offensive to those with Irish or Catholic backgrounds.

Fan media may be in vogue, Edgar has appeared on GB News to explain the unionist views of supporters, but as Chris Graham discovered in his brief time as a Non Executive Director, you can never quite bury your past.

The Record reports:

In tweets from the @ibroxrocks Twitter handle, where Heart and Hand founder David Edgar has posted selfies and referred to himself in the first person, reference is made to Celtic fans as “beggars”. He also makes derogatory references to “gypsies”.

The source who reported the abuse to police came to the Daily Record when the tweets remained even after Heart and Hand announced its “Official Media Partner” status.

Plastered on Twitter over several years, the content seems to be at odds with Rangers’ Everyone Anyone ­initiative – aimed at increasing ­inclusiveness.

The whistleblower told us: “Some of these tweets are beyond offensive. They are ­absolutely disgusting.

“Rangers presents itself through the Everyone Anyone campaign as an inclusive club that welcomes people from all backgrounds but that’s ­contradicted by giving people like this exclusive access to their manager, players and executives in press ­conferences and interviews.

“If Rangers are really serious about that campaign then they should ­terminate their official partnership with this podcast.

The Record report includes screenshots of the offensive tweets as well as from Ibrox media broadcasts involving Steve Davis with the contributors. Sky Sports and STV reporters can also be seen in the screenshots.

This season most mainstream outlets, including the Record, have been denied the usual media rights after refusing to pay £25,000.

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