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Honest Mistake Watch- Bobby Madden fails to send off Ibrox keeper Jon McLaughlin

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Bobby Madden bottled out of sending Jon McLaughlin off against Dundee as Sevco hung on for a 1-0 win against the side bottom of the table.

In the 58th minute the key decision was taken. In most circumstances a red card would be issued to the goalkeeper but Madden opted to go for yellow with McLaughlin responding by saving the penalty.

A diagonal ball played in behind Connor Goldson was collected by Paul McMullan who was confronted by McLaughlin. The Ibrox keeper tried to bring him down with his leg, when that failed he raised his right arm to send the Dundee forward to the deck.

Using his foot could be interpreted as an attempt to play the ball, raising his arm was a deliberate attempt to deny McMullan a sight of goal and paid off for McLaughlin.

Realising the severity of a red card the East Kilbride based whistler opted to go for a yellow with Jason Cummings firing his penalty off McLaughlin’s legs.

Covering the match for Radio Scotland, the Daily Record reports Willie Miller saying:

There’s no intent to get the ball, I didn’t think there was intent he just took McMullan out. McMullan is going at pace, it’s a mistimed tackle, he’s out of control and he takes the player down. I cannot see that just being a yellow in the modern game.

After the match James McPake approached Madden about the decision not to red card McLaughlin but was told ‘you missed the penalty anyway’.

Last week Steven McLean allowed a goal to stand when Fashion Sakala headed home from a corner clearly offside within the six yard box.

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  • Justshatered says:

    It is strange that the very same referee decided that pulling a player back 40 yards from goal with the keeper still to beat was a red card yet pulling a player down when he is going to knock the ball into an empty net is a yellow.
    Well it isn’t strange when you know who the referee is.

  • joseph says:

    Madden, just a Hun with a whistle.

  • John mcghee says:

    Madden beaton mclean walsh collum clancy roberston dallas should never ref a sevco game but the corrupt sfa spfl will make sure sevco get 2inarow so that they get the CL money.i honestly wish all the fans from all clubs except the cheats at liebrox just get togather and boycott scottish football untill the masons are removed from hampden shower of rat plus our board are full of cowards.SACK OUR BOARD

  • Thai Tommy says:

    Is there no shame that blatant wrongs are still allowed.
    As police in America are now finding out, video shines a bright light into behavior unseen for years

  • Paddy Cairney says:

    Can someone take a note of these honest mistakes. Starting with the onside goal at tynecastle,remembering the offside goal last weekend and the astonishing yellow yesterday. Would make for good reading. Never forget Gerrards first press conference “rangers” get fuck all off refs.

  • Adrian Nicholson says:

    Honest mistake!!!! Offside goals!!!!??????

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