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I know people are wanting to push me- Pressure starting to tell on Postecoglou

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Ange Postecoglou has insisted that he is in charge of for the long haul.

The Australian watched his side drop SPFL points at home for the first time this season and seemed shocked by the line of questioning after the match.

Celtic have been broadly supportive of their new manager, acknowledging the challenging circumstances that he has inherited but there are certain lines that come with the salary and perks.

Various managers have struggled at Livingston, dropping points on the plastic but after that a reaction is expected.

Beyond a threatening first 15 minutes that led to opening the scoring with a header that was very little signs of hope in ’s performance.

Abada and Jota provided some excitement and opportunities, hit the woodwork three times but beyond that there wasn’t much to differentiate between the two teams.

Elsewhere in the world results like today happen but with Celtic’s financial strength it is happening too frequently for supporters who fork out £600 a season to watch winning football against clubs that can barely scrape together a transfer fee.

In and Japan Postecoglou was given time to build his projects, performances like today aren’t good enough but the new doesn’t appear to recognise the level of expectation on him.

Speaking to The Sun Postecoglou said:

I know people are wanting to push me on some kind of edge of a ledge somewhere, it’s just not going to happen. I don’t worry about those things. I look at how my team is playing and what we’re trying to create.

I know that frustrates people because I know they want me to say – I don’t know what they want me to say, to be honest with you. I know what the club’s about, I know what the expectations are and I believe the road we’ve started on will get us there, so we’ll just keep going.

It’s a weird league! You call things early here, don’t you? It’s quite remarkable that we’re seven games in and people are calling the title already.

It’s just not how I work and I’m not pulling up stumps after seven games because other people seem to think there’s some sort of unsurmountable challenge out there for us. If we weren’t playing well and we were struggling through things then by all means I’d be looking at things a lot differently.

But with the efforts we’re putting in at the moment, the football we’re playing, the chances we’re creating and what we’ve got to come back into the team, I just see it totally differently.

Football is results driven, regardless of injuries Postecoglou had a £500,000 substitute in sitting on his bench, more than the entire cost of the United squad who were without Charlie Mulgrew and Marc McNulty.

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  • S hannah says:

    As much as I’m trying to positive, I think ange just does not know what he had taken on

  • Spunc Jester Inc says:

    I’m getting tired of his brusque nature now, perhaps if the results were positive one would tolerate his aggressive nature.

    I found Brendán Rodgers the same, except that Rodgers would put a glass eye to sleep with his schmaltzy retorts and blinding white teeth. At least Ange isn’t trying to catch a look at himself in the camera lens to make sure he’s looking alright.

  • Spunc Jester Inc says:


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