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‘It still hurts’ ‘this is hilarious’ Celtic fans take Daily Record to task as they slam the 2012 Barcelona shock

Image for ‘It still hurts’ ‘this is hilarious’ Celtic fans take Daily Record to task as they slam the 2012 Barcelona shock

When Sheriff Tiraspol stunned Real Madrid on Tuesday night a creative mind inside the Daily Record Sport team suddenly had a good idea.

As the world of football looked towards events in the Bernabeu the man at the Record decided that it was time to take a pop at Celtic’s 2-1 win over Barcelona in 2012!

A magical night for the club, celebrating its 125th anniversary, and for Scottish football was to be taken down a peg or two to celebrate a victory for a team in Moldova!

No comparisons are needed. Since the epic campaign that resulted in 80,000 fans travelling to Seville the November night when Tony Watt scored against Barcelona is THE footballing memory for virtually every Celtic fan.

A few weeks earlier Celtic had lost out to a very late goal in the Nou Camp, Barcelona knew what to expect in Glasgow with Messi, Xavi and Iniesta posing in the Celtic Trophy Room for pictures before the match.

Victor Wanyama’s header shook the foundations of the stadium when he put Celtic in front, Watt’s strike lifted the roof of with the hoops holding on even though Messi pulled a goal back in the 90th minute.

Fraser Forster, Watt and Wanyama stole the headlines but somewhere inside a Glasgow newspaper someone has been waiting nine years to downplay a fantastic night for Scottish football.

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  • Pan says:

    Oh for Gods sake, grow up!

  • harold shand says:

    First thing on the wally that wrote this thoughts . How do i take a great result for a minnow team and turn it into a negative story about Celtic

  • ed says:

    Mon tae if any of us was this shit at there joab you’d be gave your jotters honestly canae wait for the morras headline when they get pumped in an empty stadium n we win at paradise wae half a team ……. Heard it here 3-1 Prague n 3-1 wan us

  • Johnoco says:

    The piece typed up in the Daily Record was by Gavin Berry , aguy who is the host of the Record Rangers podcast and more importantly the live editor of Glasgow live which is a part of the same organisation as the Record. Why would an editor even consider a ridiculous story is beyond me.

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