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Jim Spence nails it over Scotland’s Shame

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On another day of shame for Glasgow and Scotland, Jim Spence nailed the issue perfectly in one tweet, replying to a news report from STV.

After a two year break Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland handed the city streets over to a hate festival against Catholics. As many have pointed out it is just as well that the hatred of the Orange Order is at Catholics and not Jews, Muslims or any other minority grouping.

Call It Out has provided a rallying point for those sick of seeing Glasgow being dragged back decades and centuries with the streets handed over to undesirables. In the build up to today they kept the spotlight on the authorities facilitating the Orange Order.

In March and May they trashed George Square, last month from the same demographic they were given a police escort through the city centre to sing their beloved Famine Song. Three weeks later nine arrests have been made.

Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland played the blame game as they pointed at each other as 34 marches went through the city, many passing Catholic Churches.

They have been muted to an extent but virtually nothing has been said in political circles this week. It seems that a tweet or two of condemnation when things go over the ‘acceptable’ is enough of a response then business as usual suits politicians at all levels, a box ticking exercise.

Since leaving BBC Scotland Spence has enjoyed the freedom of expression denied to him inside the state broadcaster, it seems that no senior politician has had the bravery to speak out about today’s events involving Scotland’s Shame.

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