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Kris Boyd gets stadium ban

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Kris Boyd has been banned from Dens Park.

In Saturday’s Sun the former Kilmarnock striker delivered an unrelenting attack on Leigh Griffiths that read like something straight off a message board.

There seemed to be no real point to the opinion piece other than for Boyd to get his anger about Griffiths from his system.

It seems that bad blood has been brewing between the two men since January 2020 when Griffiths scored for Celtic at Kilmarnock and gestured to the Sky Sports gantry where Boyd was on duty.

That triggered a delve into the stats from Boyd while Griffiths got on with scoring the goals that delivered a ninth successive title for Celtic.

Saturday’s attack on Griffiths was heavily discussed on social media, getting a reaction from Dundee the Daily Record reports a Dundee insider saying:

We informed Sky Sports of our decision on Saturday morning that Kris Boyd wouldn’t be getting any pre-match access from anyone at Dundee.

Some of the stuff he wrote about Leigh was just ridiculous and out of order. In fairness to Sky Sports, there were no issues and informed us that they would send in another reporter.

Dens Park doesn’t feature much on the Sky Sports rota, earlier in the season, before Griffiths moved from Celtic, they did show the home draw with Hibs.

Being banned from Dundee is unlikely to trouble Boyd, when he isn’t at a match for Sky he usually sits in a studio providing updates for Sky Sports News.

Last month Griffiths moved to Dundee from Celtic on a season long loan.

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