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‘Shouldn’t make a match day squad ever again’ ‘Consistently crap’ ‘He’s not wired up right’ Celtic fans find fall guy for Dundee United draw

Image for ‘Shouldn’t make a match day squad ever again’ ‘Consistently crap’ ‘He’s not wired up right’ Celtic fans find fall guy for Dundee United draw

and Albian Ajeti were the main targets for criticism from fans after the 1-1 home draw against United.

Ange Postecoglou and the board of directors were also in the firing line but after dropping even more points the focus for anger was on the pitch.

Soro replaced the injured James McCarthy at half-time but turned in the sort of sub-standard performance that has been his trademark in recent times.

A mixture of mis-places passes, silly fouls and looking static on the ball all contributed to a lost 45 minutes as dropped their first points of the season.

Last December, alongside David Turnbull, Soro made a positive impression on a season that was sinking quickly, less than a year on he appears to have picked up the same malaise.

With and possibly McCarthy also out of contention Sori could be a starter against Bayer on Thursday night- which isn’t the news that fans want to hear.

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  • Thomas A. Purdie says:

    Ange, get a fuckin GRIP Cunt – right NOW ! !

  • Sean McGinley says:

    I am sick of hun like comments from Celtic supporters, tearing the whole team apart. Yep, Ajeti was wicked, Soro was dire, Tom Rogic was great with the ball at his feet but couldn’t find his team mates if they stood in front of him and was too busy trying to be silky with shit passing as the end product. Ange has little to call on, so time to bring in youth except they didn’t do great last season when COVID debacle hit ! Give Ange a break. It looks like maybe someone is gone because he bought a lot of injury prone shit ! ..Family reasons ?? aye right. Worse than Liewell and I never thought I’d be saying that. Not only devalued squad, a sicknote squad to boot !! Dermot please go into your nursing home now !…and take yer players with you !

  • Jim Kearney says:

    Ange missed an oppertunity there today he should have subbed the sub and sent out a warning to underperforming players, and he was not alone he could have hooked five off too many non triers and chant rastlers.

  • Angela Postegohlu says:

    Take a serious look at the coaching. Adaba when he arrived was going past players like they weren’t there. Now its play the ball back and do not attack.
    Strachan, and Kennedy need to go now.

  • Michelle Docherty says:

    Our Ange has put so much focus on sports science, he’s no mug. He has to deal with this injury nightmare too the best he can. God, you’d think the way some ‘fairweather fans’ are going on, he must have caused it!!
    I hope we can all get behind Ange, the bhoys and this rebuild. One minute we’re all saying that this will take a year, minimum, but after a couple bad results the knives are out! Come on!! #weareallceltic

  • Dovit says:

    Why didn’t he put Moffat on for the last 15 minutes through the middle, at least he would have gave more than Ajeti

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