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The very concerning audio clip that is dividing Celtic fans

Image for The very concerning audio clip that is dividing Celtic fans

An audio clip circulating on WhatsApp is causing great concern among fans as they search for reasons into Dom McKay’s departure after just 72 days as CEO. Apparently it was the job that he had always coveted.

Around 5pm on Friday announced that their CEO was leaving due to personal reasons. Almost instantly the guessing game began into what had happened behind the scenes with just token reference made to personal reasons.

Overnight three former View reporters were sharing the ‘inside track’ that McKay wasn’t upto the job with the club taking decisive action by offering him an escape. Leaking that version might have confirmed some of McKay’s suspicions about the way the Celtic hierarchy operates.

A more likely scenario was that the board of directors, plus the biggest individual shareholder were concerned by plans to modernise.

After more than a decade living off their business model the thought of transforming the club towards a European model wouldn’t have made comfortable in a boardroom where Sharon Brown in 2016 was the last new face invited on board.

With a Remuneration Committee all aged over 70 Brian Wilson, Ian Bankier and are getting on a bit to embrace modern thinking in terms of player recruitment and development alongside things such as data and performance analysis.

The audio clip gives some background on that. Faced with the most significant transfer window since 2000 when Martin O’Neill sent the wage bill soaring, McKay has come out of the window with a transfer surplus and fans back on board under a progressive manager playing attractive football.

It seems that the outsider had a grasp of the problems and an idea over the solutions, it also seems that the old guard didn’t fancy the route McKay was mapping out.

There is no way of proving whose voice is on the audio clip, there are some very creative minds out there in social media but the 2 minutes and 7 second clip does seem very well informed.

Further comment or another statement from is unlikely but all the signs suggest that acting CEO Michael Nicholson could well be in post for more than McKay’s 72 days.

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