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Then you get the ‘you missed the penalty anyway’ shout- McPake accuses Madden

Image for Then you get the ‘you missed the penalty anyway’ shout- McPake accuses Madden

Straight after a match, especially a defeat, managers tend to be more honest than their measured, middle of the road conversation at pre-match media conferences.

That was certainly the case yesterday with James McPake as he watched Dundee fail to win for the seventh SPFL match of the season with their drought in front of goal continuing.

Just before the hour mark yesterday it looked like Dundee’s luck was turning. Paul McMullen got in behind Connor Goldson, knocked the ball past Jon McLaughlin but at that moment Bobby Madden came to Steven Gerrard’s rescue.

Failing with his feet to bring down McMullen, McLaughlin lifted his left arm to deliberately trip the striker. Amazingly Madden reached for a yellow card, the penalty was saved with Dundee unable to force an equaliser against 10 men.

At the final whistle McPake’s anger boiled over, this time Madden did reach for his red card with The Sun reporting the Dundee boss saying:

I got an explanation out of Bobby. I have a fantastic relationship with Bobby.

In the end, he became unapproachable and said ‘I am not speaking to you about it, I can’t talk about an incident’ and then you get the ‘you missed the penalty anyway’ shout. We know that, I watched it.”

It remains to be seen what punishment the SFA hit McPake with, and if Dundee decide to appeal against it.

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