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Video: Watch the brutal attack on Abada by Siegrist that Kevin Clancy chose to ignore

Image for Video: Watch the brutal attack on Abada by Siegrist that Kevin Clancy chose to ignore

It seems that most media outlets have chosen to do a Kevin Clancy and completely ignore the brutal way that Benji Siegrist kicked out at Liel Abada.

There were a few flash-points during the Celtic v Dundee United match such as the late fouls on James McCarthy and the double fouls on Carl Starfelt and Nicky Clark that had some pundits squealing for a penalty.

Most balanced opinions on that incident would say that Clancy failed to award fouls on two occasions, if he had awarded the first the second wouldn’t have happened.

What is absolutely clear cut is that Siegrist committed a brutal attack on Abada that the referee viewed and decided not to even award a free kick never mind a yellow or red card.

Panicked to race out of his box, the Dundee United keeper was under no pressure as he headed the ball out for a throw-in.

For reasons best known to himself as he was landing from the header Siegrist decided to kick out at Abada’s hip/stomach/groin area.

The Celtic forward required treatment on the pitch, sadly he was offered no protection from the match referee. Other players will know that they can try a challenge like that with little prospect of a red card.

Jeremie Frimpong learned some brutal lessons about what is allowed to go unpunished in Scottish football, after just over a year on the end of over-the-top challenges he decided to leave for Germany.

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  • Voltaire says:

    Clancy is not fit to referee!

  • Ralph says:

    It’s really not a surprise,this season alone we have had 5 or 6 offences against us that bye the rules off the game are Straight Red Cards.
    All Totally Ignored.
    Also a onside goal chalked off in a game which we would have won if given.
    Then you look at the difference across the city as our officials asperusual seem to always give the Honest Mistakes to them.
    Just look at their last 2 league games.
    A blatantly offside goal given & easier Red Card ignored.
    Pointless Exercise as the end Result is already decided so as to Save Sevco

    It’s That Obvious

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