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‘Another disgraceful decision’ ‘not even hiding it now’ ‘absolute horrific referee’ Nick Walsh in the firing line after Celtic shocker

Image for ‘Another disgraceful decision’ ‘not even hiding it now’ ‘absolute horrific referee’ Nick Walsh in the firing line after Celtic shocker

There was one man in the thoughts of the Celtic support following the 2-0 win over St Johnstone. And it wasn’t either of the goalscorers, Giorgos Giakoumakis and Josip Juranovic.

In his first match since sending off Ryan Porteous at Ibrox three weeks ago Nick Walsh showed some incredible leniency especially with St Johnstone’s Chris Kane.

Playing as a lone striker it had been a frustrating afternoon for Kane with barely any scraps to feed off with Celtic leading 1-0.

In the 76th minute he lost a tussle of the ball to Cameron Carter-Vickers and fouled the Celtic defender. Twice with his opponent on the deck he kicked out at Carter-Vickers who sprung to his feet since he was getting no protection from anyone.

As the Celtic defender got up his head was pushed by the already booked Craig Bryson.

Observing all this was Walsh who for reasons only known to himself decided that Kane and Carter-Vickers were equally guilty with two yellow cards handed out.

Carter-Vickers was the only Celt that was booked, Kane’s team-mates Bryson, Efe Ambrose, Cammy MacPherson and Liam Gordon were also booked by the PE teacher from Bearsden.

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  • John mcghee says:

    That ref should never be on the pitch again a few weeks ago hibs doesnt touch the sevco player but mason walsh gives hibs a red card celtic player on the ground kane kicks him and walsh shows both a yellow only in scotland these cheating officials are getting away with it dirty rats.

  • Hugh Burns says:

    Why are we talking after every game about how bad the ref was?. Purely and simp!y, they
    are refereeing straight out of the free mason / orange order book of refereeing.They are doing it so blatantly, and know they will not be questioned on their decisions!!! The reason for that is that they are all in it together! What a shower of tadgers they are, and would not blush if their faces were painted red.!! One shower of cheating middens!!!.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    The overall standard of referees in Scotland is very very poor this is all down to the sfa as this corrupt outfit is in the same standard as the refs they manage,so how would you expect we would have good refereeing plus they are riddled with masons and orange order. Well done celtic today clean sheet and down to 1 point at present the teams above us but goals scored near double from the rest but even better defence getting better with every game well done celtic and ange.

  • HelpMordorPolis says:

    His yellow card was out before they’d finished punching CCV! Amazing.

  • joseph mullarkey says:

    no one mentioned ref constantly in road of players and constantly running towards the ball. at times he was blocking views and balls had to be kicked through his legs. i have to ask was this deliberate?

  • Exiled in Ard Mhaca says:

    Cameron Vickers will no doubt be cited for damage to Kanes boot and given a retrospective ban with a warning about future conduct.

  • Mr THOMAS SHORT says:

    Surely the sfa have got to investigate and look into this celtic TV have the evidence and celtic should appeal against booking .he should be like a fewv other refs in Scotland should be down graded to school football .but again God help the R.C SCHOOLS .ABSOLUTE DISGRACE THAT these refs are allowed affiliate at all BIAS TO THE CORE

    • Michael Chalmers says:

      Celtic need to seriously stand up here this is only going to get worse and one of our players seriously injured this is the result of shocking refereeing there needs to be retrospective action taken and celtic must push for it

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