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‘Can’t hide the cheating’ ‘so predictable’ ‘ridiculous decision’ Aberdeen fans react to Beaton’s shocker

Image for ‘Can’t hide the cheating’ ‘so predictable’ ‘ridiculous decision’ Aberdeen fans react to Beaton’s shocker

It didn’t come as a shock or surprise but it was a sickening blow just the same when Aberdeen ‘conceded’ an 80th minute penalty at Ibrox.

In the build up to the match Dons fans on social media had highlighted the danger posed by John Beaton, the man with a whistle from The Crown Bar in Bellshill.

Beaton has a long history of given decisions in a certain direction going back to a shocker against Albion Rovers in 2014 that robbed the Coatbridge side of a famous cup win at Ibrox.

Tonight there was fresh air between David Bates and Fashion Sakala as the Ibrox substitute hit the deck. Instead of booking Sakala Beaton pointed to the penalty spot, Tav converted and a point was salvaged.

Within minutes the incident was being shared across social media, below are some of the mellower comments on the Aberdeen twitter account.

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  • Terry Thomas says:

    This happens just about every game rangers get a penalty for nothing no other club in the country gets penalties as easy as they do. Trying to get a penalty against them is like winning the lottery it’s about time the SFA do something and if they don’t all the other clubs should get together and demand something gets done if it’s the referee’s that are biased get rid of them. If it’s that bad why don’t they bring in referee’s from Norway or Sweden or Denmark who are better (higher standard of referee)and paid a lot less than the Scottish referee’s

  • harold shand says:

    Shelley Kerr ( who also works for Rangers tv ) & James Mc Fadden

    Both agreeing that it WAS a penalty on Sportscene

    Wonder who’ll be on SSB tomo night saying it was a penalty ? perhaps Andy Halliday or Alex Rae ?

    Shocking decisions by known cream bun officials getting backed to the hilt in the media by pundits who are either ex Rangers players or people employed by Rangers

    All the while our club says nothing

  • John S says:

    Blatant cheating is correct, there is no need to conceal it whatsoever.

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