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Crime Count- Bobby Madden’s incredible Pittodrie display broken down

Image for Crime Count- Bobby Madden’s incredible Pittodrie display broken down

Once again Celtic have found themselves running up an incredible crime count despite dominating their SPFL win at Aberdeen.

BBC Scotland statistics show that Celtic had 62% possession, if the ball was in play for a generous one hour then Ange Postecoglou’s side were on the ball for 37 minutes and 20 seconds of today’s Pittodrie clash.

The home side were awarded 27 fouls by Bobby Madden, every 50 seconds that Stephen Glass’s side had the ball they were fouled.

In contrast just 10 fouls were given against the home side, Celtic players were fouled every 224 seconds. In simple terms Aberdeen were four times more likely to get a free-kick from FIFA referee Madden.

Last week the same referee decided that Jon McLaughlin pulling down Dundee’s Paul McMullan in front of goal was only worth a yellow card. At the final whistle Dundee boss James McPake was red carded.

Madden’s decision making is in line with a pattern in Celtic games this season. Last week against Dundee United the hoops had 63% possession but Kevin Clancy awarded United 12 fouls against the five given to Celtic.

At Ibrox today Steven Gerrard’s side had 74% possession against Hibs, they were awarded 16 free kicks with Hibs getting 11 according to BBC Scotland.

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  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Corrupt as F uk.. END OF!! Midget B astard Walsh surpassed Madhuns performance, just BENT!!

  • Exiled in Ard Mhaca says:

    I said it before folks the fix is in.

  • AntonDeclan says:

    ‘Operation Must Win League For £30m CL Money’….!!!!
    On the multiple fouls given against Celtic, our captain / senior players / management must highlight the fact that most of these fouls are given because opposition players just fall over as if they’ve been hit hard by a FEATHER! Happens every game and so infuriating!

  • Johnny says:

    Hun cunts

  • Sean McGinley says:

    The sheep sh….r at right back fell more times than the Newco shares last year and consistently wanted Jota booked………another perfect example of an upcoming “professional footballer” in the backwater shithole ! Go back to marching son where ye can get out yer face drunk and fall….. fighting with yer bowler-hatted friends ! Slippy might have been watching you and sure he likes falling on his arse !

  • Jack says:

    The man has issue with refereeing if he has or had a season book for a club its human that he is going to favour that club again do things to help them like ruin games with constantly stopping games with every human touch its a contact sport ramsay went down when he felt the touch now none of these would cause him to go to ground but madden kept giving free kicks clancy does this
    You look at games not involving celtic you see a different way of refereeing madden thinks its allowed to help his team

  • ?Green Machine? says:

    Sevconian Staff(apologies)Scottish Officials ie Referees of the Apron Variety Are Soo Blatant inthere Hun Biased actions

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