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Daily Record play the Mark Walters card- again, again and again!

Image for Daily Record play the Mark Walters card- again, again and again!

Death and taxes are guaranteed but there are a few other certainties in life.

Deflection from issues at Ibrox is another and whenever there is any form of racism Mark Walters can expect a phone call from the Daily Record.

As Steven Gerrard’s side crashed to their fifth defeat in eight matches refereed by a non-Scot this year a little focus on his European record might have made for uncomfortable reading.

After serving a three match UEFA ban Glen Kamara was back in action on Thursday night, ahead of the match in Prague his lawyer Aamer Anwar had used the Daily Record to make a number of accusations about the people in the Czech capital.

Sparta won the match 1-0 and in a throwback to March of this year it seems that Ibrox has been infiltrated by anti-racism activists. Everyone, anyone is wading in to the folk from Prague.

It seems that on other issues the anti-racism faction around Ibrox prefer to look the other way. Like in 2019 when UEFA twice closed sections of Ibrox due to racist chanting from fans.

At the end of August hundreds of fans marched through Glasgow city centre towards Ibrox singing that it was time for third, fourth and fifth generation Irish people to leave Scotland.

Later that day Kyogo Furuhashi was booed constantly in his first visit to Ibrox. Perhaps it was because of his dyed hair or confrontational style of play?

On Sunday Hibs visit Ibrox, a club founded almost 150 years ago by Irish immigrants, no visiting fans will be at the match.

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  • John mcghee says:


  • Johnny says:

    If only we had a media that would tell the truth and call those scumbags at grey-skull out

  • James Burns says:

    The National Front are banned from marching because its racism offends ethnic minorities, but the orange anti Catholic anti lrish racist mobs can still parade their sick predudices in our streets, feenyins obviously don’t count. Sturgeon should ban them, they’re YoonYin jack loyalists, no votes lost there Nicola.

  • Tam c says:

    UpTo their knees in someone else’s “faith’s” blood. It’s cultural and society has to deal with it. (Really)

    Buy a rope to hang someone.
    The famine is over let’s send “some people back”.etc etc.

    The SMSM will show,print, discuss once, “sometimes” no opinion sought or given and that’s it job done.

    Can that be said of the shocking treatment of Mark Walters.

  • Hugh Burns says:

    Now, now children, behave yourselves. There are people in this stadium tonight, who get uppity, when they are not getting their own way with Scottish refs!. They are allowed to sling as much vile and bigoted abuse they can muster up, but , children stop booing our players!! You naughty boys and girls!! The same supporters of the complainant, can abuse other players, and are allowed to!! Yes the great police force of Scotland, whom many are ibrokes ,free mason and orange order members, let the ibrokes support away with everything!. What a shower of two faced b***”‘d.!!! Middens from where they come from and middens to where they belong!! Some of what goes around comes around!!!

  • scouse bhoy says:

    not one of them have the guts to call it out. the likes of jackson and company are getting well paid to print propaganda on behalf of newco. the abuse paul wilson received long before walters never gets mentioned. a few years earlier in a benefit game for the ibrox disaster victims tommy gemmell received the usual bile. north korea are not at the races compared to the sports media in this best wee country.

  • Mikeybhoy says:

    No mention of the children at orange parades in Glasgow being taught racism usual bias from the media should concentrate more on the root of the problem at ibrokes the board banning real football pundits because they played for Celtic banning the fans because they support a club that stands against everything they stand for if only we had real reporters maybe there would be a chance of getting rid of the problem HH

  • harold shand says:

    Have a look at that McGowans feature on it this morning in the Daily Mail

    He highlights recent racism incidents in Scottish football from Albion Rovers , Ayr United and Morton

    No mention at all about the Kyogo bus disgrace

  • harold shand says:

    The same Mark Walters that was singing f@ck the pope in the dressing room with all the other bigots

    That Mark Walters aye ?

  • Stev says:

    Paul Wilson, Paul Elliot,Scott Sinclair, years of not signing Catholics,stands closed, all dressing room singing fck the Pope. Feel free to add as I’m sure there is a lot more.

  • Jamesmurphy says:

    Always cheating telling lies no change from secco.but back to Celtic!! Get Martin O,Neil Help Celtic and Ange time is a wasting

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