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David Murray is David Brent- footage resurfaces as former Rangers chief defends the indefensible

Image for David Murray is David Brent- footage resurfaces as former Rangers chief defends the indefensible

Yesterday Ferencvaros warned their 279 travelling supporters that Nazi salutes won’t be permitted at Park, mainly because UEFA will be looking in over the match.

It seemed an incredible announcement, with an unsaid admission that it is fine in domestic but don’t get into trouble for other matches. There was a familiar ring to that message.

Almost 20 years ago Channel 4 News confronted Rangers about Nazi salutes and clear song about Catholics from their fans filmed inside Park.

Dave Murray and security chief were in full deny and deflect mode as they were confronted about the issue relating to holders that they had issued tickets to.

Murray went down the ‘it’s a society problem’ route while McIntyre tried the ’90 Minute Bigots’ line and also claimed that the Nazi salute was actually related to Ulster.

In 2021 the new club is applying the same tactics with the SFA and SPFL equally unwilling to tackle the issue.

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  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Murray wiz just a SMUG HUN B ASTARD who eventually got caught! Park’s is a FAT SMUG HUN B ASTARD whoze day will come! Sooner this SCUM goes doon the Pan AGANE will be GLORIOUS!!

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    The more things change; the more they stay the same, same old sevco always cheating, lying, racist, sectarian, skint, dying, circling the drain, soon to pass KKKlub as ever it was.

    Celtic FC should’ve buried them when the chance arrived in 2012, PL and DD’s greed dictated otherwise FQ ‘EM.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    They could’ve been buried in 2012 they’ve been allowed to come back and for me this new entity are much worse because they’ve been let away with it,our board complicit in that

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