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Director Brian Wilson gives Celtic’s approval to The Continuity Lie of 2012

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Brian Wilson has claimed in an obituary to Walter Smith that Rangers were demoted in 2012 for going into administration. Factually he is wrong.

The former Labour MP has been a Celtic director since 2005, at next month’s AGM he will be re-elected on a landslide majority.

As a Non Executive Director one of Wilson’s main tasks is to challenge and question board decisions to ensure that they are working for and delivering best value for shareholders. In most companies a NED will step down after five years to ensure that they don’t become too comfortable and attached to the board of directors.

Alongside Ian Bankier and Tom Allison, Wilson is on the club’s Remuneration Committee that decides on executive pay levels.

In The Guardian, covering Smith’s career,  the Celtic director claimed:

However, by this time, the club was caught up in a bewildering series of intrigues and takeovers as well as having been punished with demotion, in 2012, for having gone into administration. Smith was a man of great probity and not even his loyalty to Rangers or to his friend Ally McCoist, who had taken on the role of manager, could persuade him to stay in an Ibrox environment he did not recognise.

That might be the comforting spin put out by Scottish media outlets but it is factually wrong.

On 14 February 2012 the club went into administration with the SPL deducting 10 points.

Although they managed to finish the season in second place it was Motherwell that went into the draw for the 2012/13 Champions League qualifiers, Rangers never reappeared for the 2012/13 season.

On 12 June 2012 Her Majesty’s Revenue and Custom plus others rejected a CVA forcing the club into liquidation, that process by BDO is still ongoing on behalf of 276 creditors including Celtic and other football clubs.

After lengthy discussions a new club, registered initially as Sevco 5088 then changed to Sevco Scotland, was granted conditional SFA membership and a place in the bottom division of the Scottish Football League. Dundee stepped up to replace Rangers in the SPL.

The new club, led by Charles Green played in the SFL Challenge Cup, the first round of the Scottish Cup and the first round of the League Cup.

In 2017 they played their first UEFA match, losing out 2-1 on aggregate to Progres Niederkorn of Luxemburg.

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  • Justshatered says:

    I don’t have a lot of time for the guy but I wouldn’t be surprised if the paper hadn’t just dropped this line in themselves.

    • Finbar muldoon says:

      When will their liquidation finally be ratified? This bullshite administration bollocks will have to end eventually. HH

  • John S says:

    Perhaps the Non-Executive director should consider his position, given his inability to appreciate the most basic of facts and their ramifications to Celtic and Scottish football.

  • John mcghee says:

    He should be chased out of paradise and dont forget p.lawwell also lied to us celtic so the whole lot should be removed of the board thats why sevco stopped 10inarow the board needs the blue pound just ask at the AGM and i bet they dont answer it.

  • Stev says:


  • Johnmcc1 says:

    This board are not serving the best interest of the club or it’s supporters. To make sure the club is given a fair and equal right to compete in a league that does not favour any individual team. Also to take to task anything that goes against those rules, they do not stick up or speak out against the blatant corruption and cheating we are all witnessing. They are only in it to inflate their ego’s and most of all to inflate their own personal bank balance. IMO.

  • KC67 says:

    Time to go faither, you’ve out stayed your welcome.

  • Gerrybhoy says:

    As far as VAR is concerned do punters actually think for one minute that the SFA want to use it in Scotland not on your life they will want to keep control of everything that happens on that park for the duration of 90 mins and beyond
    Trust me on this one.

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