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Former ‘city trader’ Warburton makes pathetic attack on mystery former Celt

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Mark Warburton has desperately been trying to make himself relevant with a personal attack on a mystery former Celtic player.

In 2015 he was appointed manager of Sevco alongside gushing headlines about how he had quit the high life as a ‘city trader’ to pursue his football dream, starting off by driving the coach for Watford’s u-8 side as he chased his soccer coaching dream.

During almost two years at Ibrox no former City colleagues were unearthed to recall how the young Warbo pulled off deals the envy of the trading world. It is more accurate to say that Warbo sold photo-copy machines rather than the being any sort of high-flyer.

Discussing media coverage of football in Glasgow has been a regular theme for the man that brought Martyn Waghorn, Nicky Kranjcar, Pip Sendros, Jason Holt, Micky O’Halloran, Joe Dodoo, Jordan Rossiter and Joey Barton to the Ibrox payroll.

Graham Spiers offered a platform to Warbo to spin his latest yarns with Football Scotland reporting this completely fabricated claim:

You’re far better biting your tongue, letting things calm down. There was someone, I won’t name the individual, ex-Celtic player, who wrote some derogatory comments.

Now I could have come back and absolutely destroyed him in the press, in terms of his private live and everything else. Why would I allow myself to do that?

Now had I done it, it would have been pages and journalists would have loved it. There’s no point. There’s absolutely no point doing that. So you just bite your tongue, take the stick for the 24 hours and it moves on to the next story.

While he was at Ibrox Warbo’s wife and family remained in London, 400 miles away from the family bread-winner.

In 2016 Warbo became the first manager to lose a Scottish Cup Final to Hibs in over 100 years, in his first top flight match against Celtic his side got trashed 5-1, Joey Barton removed his coffee machine from the Murray Park changing room soon after.

Despite claims that he found out about his resignation through an email there has been no report of Warbo being compensated for the remainder of his contract.

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