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‘No accident’ ‘Absolutely deliberate’ ‘They are steeped in it’ Fans react as Sevco endorse The Famine Song

Image for ‘No accident’ ‘Absolutely deliberate’ ‘They are steeped in it’ Fans react as Sevco endorse The Famine Song

In a highly predictable move Sevco have made a play straight for the orange pound as they launch their fourth strip of the season.

Clear lies highlighted against the background of The Famine Song have been combined without any condemnation from media outlets.

‘I wanna go home’ by the Beach Boys was adapted by Rangers fans in the early years of this century to celebrate the deaths of over one million Irish people. It was endorsed by James Traynor in the pages of the Daily Record before being judged as racist by a Scottish Court.

It is only heard occasionally inside Scottish football grounds but is a favourite of Sevco fans as they travel by coach to watch the club formed by Charles Green in 2012.

At the end of August there was outrage from hipster politicians on Twitter when fans were given a police escort along Argyle Street as they chanted The famine is over, why don’t you go home’.

Last month Glasgow hosted 36 Anti-Catholic hate marches on the same day, clearly the condemnation from politicians has snow flaked away with normal service resumed and the endorsement of The Famine Song by the Ibrox hierarchy.

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  • Barry says:

    This is blatantly inciting racism and hatred and as such should be booted out the league and all cups. Absolutely sick of this scum along with a racism supporting police force and government sitting back while we have to constantly endure this crap. If it was any other religion they would be all over it because the world is looking on, but it’s only catholics and they give as good as they get p1sh. Enough is enough…kick them out

  • Johnny says:

    I would burn everyone of that scum

  • Gerry Elliott says:

    Playing to their fans obviously ; would seem to me they want them onside for a money request Very Soon ?

  • harold shand says:

    All this to flog them a dentist uniform

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