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Paranoid Gerrard bites back over favourable honest mistakes

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Steven Gerrard believes that VAR will silence the social media crowd.

Scotland is one of the few countries not to use VAR in domestic matches despite systems being in place at Celtic Park and Ibrox for use in Europa League group matches.

That equipment gets packed away on a Friday morning leaving judgements solely in the hands of match referees.

Social media has highlighted how decisions have gone against Dundee, Motherwell, Hibs, Hearts, Dundee and Aberdeen in recent weeks allowing Gerrard’s side to stay out on top of the SPFL Premiership.

Clearly irked by the noise outside of the selective Ibrox media bubble, Gerrard believes that controversial decisions even themselves out over the course of a season!

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I’ve heard that a lot. I’ve heard that a lot but again it comes from the outside and it normally comes amongst a social media crowd from opposition teams.

I am sure VAR would be your next question. Twelve months ago everyone was slaughtering VAR saying it wasn’t good for the game and it is slow, and isn’t even getting decisions right.

This year, I must say, it has improved a lot and I am enjoying it a lot more. I’ll back up what I’ve said many a time. When VAR is in, it will take all those opposition opinions away from coming my direction.

Listen there is a clear shirt pull, I know the one you are alluding to, there is a shirt pull, whether that is enough to be a penalty or not, that is John Beaton’s decision not my own. It went our way.

I am sure every manager will say the same thing, over the course of a season some you will get and you will feel like maybe think the luck went your way and there will be times when you should have got something and you never and you feel a bit of injustice.

Over the course of a 38-game campaign you are going to get some and some you won’t.

During the Zoom conference it seemed that Gerrard was using a mobile phone.

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  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Gimp canny handle ANY CRITICISM WHITSOEVER!! ARSE LICKING SCOTTISH MEEDJA SO FAR UP HIS ARSE IT’S NO TRUE! Sumwan should get this Prick TELT when he wins Fuk Aw this Season that he’s a Fukin DUD as a Manager!! If Liverpool appoint him after he Fuks off fae the FILTH they’ll go DOONHILL as quickly as when Peeness took the Job!!

  • Majorerror says:

    Why not have a favourable to ‘ rangers ‘ referee league. My money would be on Beaton to win it.

  • Michael Donohoe says:

    He said the hibs player could have broken his players leg, and he saw there was no contact. He’s gettin a free ride to the title and he knows it. He also knows that the same referees will do the var. Never forget the Hamilton Game, one minute he was getting applause, haha. Until Hamilton scored haha. At full-time they wanted his BIG HEED. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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