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Video: Watch the shocking John Lundstram stamp that Nick Walsh refused to punish

Image for Video: Watch the shocking John Lundstram stamp that Nick Walsh refused to punish

No words are really needed to describe the video clip below from yesterday’s match at Ibrox.

Ryan Porteous’ challenge on Joe Aribo has been given saturation coverage while the media spotlight appears to have overlooked a brutal stamp by John Lundstram on Josh Doig.

With the Hibs defender making progress up the wing the midfielder bides his time then makes a brutal stamping action on his opponent.

Both feet are off the ground as Lundstram launches himself at his opponent, Doig had to take evasive action to avoid what could have been a career ending injury.

Referee Nick Walsh had a close view of the incident and chose not to take any action. Ryan Porteous has had two red cards in his career, both administered by Walsh in matches against the club from Ibrox.

Four Ibrox players have been red carded this year in European matches, including Lundstram. Their last domestic sending off was in December 2019.

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  • Terry Thomas says:

    I totally agree, why did the referee not book or give a free kick. When you look at the speed that Lundstram goes into the tackle there is no difference from Porteous. I hope Hibs go to the SFA with the video of Lundstram to argue the Porteous case. I know we can’t change the score but the SFA should be doing something to reprimand the ref, remember it’s meant to be a level playing field but some of the ref’s see it differently

  • Derek Duncan says:

    What a surprise different rules for the Sevco 2012 filth,cheating scum like Deadco 1872.

  • Stev says:

    Nobody is bringing this out so it will just keep going on.

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