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Won’t be cancelled- Celtic have Plan B for unvaccinated Season Ticket holders

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Unvaccinated Celtic holders will have to settle for the Pass to Paradise from next weekend.

Legislation brought in at the start of the month requires clubs to carry out spot-checks for Double Vaccination certificates for crowds of over 10,000.

There were mixed responses from Hampden at the weekend when Scotland hosted Israel with the first real test of the legislation coming on Saturday with around 50,000 expected at Ibrox for the visit of Hearts.

Aside from the issue of whether fans have been vaccinated access to the Government App is dependent on WIFI or internet availability, neither of which can be guaranteed with 50,000 or more in a confined area.

How enthusiastic stewards will be to check out that the details on show match up with the fan and the is uncertain.

On Tuesday face Ferencvaros with ticket sales slow for a day-time European match but Saturday’ home match with St Johnstone should attract a near capacity crowd.

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  • Red Scotland says:

    It is a disgusting act of coercion by the corporate Government to force us to get an untested genetic engineering ‘vaccine’ in order to go to a game. I will never be back to Celtic Park unless it is with the crowds of civic revolution. You have no more right to force someone to receive a dangerous vaccine than you have the right to tell a cyclist to wear a helmet. In both scenarios they can only harm themselves and nobody else. This is a shameful act bu the Government and it’s time people did something about this. Goodbye Celtic, until the revolution. Out.

  • Spunc Jester Inc says:


    A pass for a trial ‘vaccine’ that does not prevent infection nor stop transmission.

    Absolutely ludicrous.

    But, it was never about health to begin with, was it.

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