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Danny Murphy still flogging the ‘Gerrard to Newcastle’ dead horse

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Danny Murphy is trying to keep his mate Steven Gerrard relevant as a contender to become the next manager of Newcastle United.

On Friday the Sevco boss was flattering his eye-lashes at the new regime in place at Newcastle but there seems to be no suggestion that they are looking north for their next manager.

Gerrard delivered some matey quotes about Steve Bruce to the media but the former Manchester United defender looked like a condemned man before, during and after yesterday’s home defeat from Spurs.

Frank Lampard and others with EPL experience will be ahead of Gerrard in any list being compiled for what looks like being a grim battle against relegation. After eight matches Newcastle are winless with just three points, one ahead of bottom of Norwich at the bottom of the EPL.

Picking up on Murphy’s appearance with Jim White on TalkSPORT this morning, The Sun reports the former Spurs and Crewe midfielder saying:

There’s a couple of aspects to this one. The first one is the loyalty to Rangers should be there in some respect because of the platform they gave him when it was a risk.

A massive club like Rangers decided to take a risk on Stevie and it has worked both ways but there is a degree of loyalty needing to be shown back and I’m sure he feels that way.

There’s more success coming at Rangers, they look like the dominant team in Scotland. I think the bit he wouldn’t say, and I haven’t spoke to him, is he’ll be thinking it’ll be a hell of a risk with this Newcastle team at this stage.

And his ultimate aim is to manage Liverpool Football Club. If he goes to Newcastle and messes it up, he might just jeopardise that opportunity and he’s not going to do that.

Stevie won’t jeopardise that foundation of winning things to go and maybe take Newcastle down. Why would he take the risk?

It will be a helluva risk for Gerrard going anywhere after his time at Ibrox.

Working in a special environment in which you can go almost two years without having a player red carded and get a domestic penalty awarded against your side every 50 matches isn’t going to be replicated outside of Scotland.

Until this summer Gerrard could claim a decent record in the Europa League but after losses to Malmo, home and away, Lyon, Slavia and Sparta Prague the shine is coming off that claim alongside the fact that no other club has ever put in a bid for any of his signings.

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  • Peter cassidy says:

    The Newcastle job will need a manager with experience in epl to keep them up maybe big Sam would be the one for 18 month stint and get a nice wedge into the bargain. Then they would go for a European winner to take them forward. Stevve gee and Lampard don’t have the experience in that type of manager needed there at present they really need to stay up in epl to bring in top players.

  • Stev says:

    Only coz he won’t get the sae help down there as he’s getting here may be the simple answer. Fckn dud

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