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Aston Villa announce their Ibrox take away

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Aston Villa have announced the complete clear out of the Ibrox backroom staff.

On Remembrance Day the Birmingham outfit paraded a grinning Steven Gerrard across social media with a slow drip feed since then hinting that the former Sevco boss won’t be lonely in his new job.

This morning, Gerrard’s new love announced:

Aston Villa are pleased to welcome Gary McAllister (Assistant Head Coach), Michael Beale (Assistant Head Coach), Tom Culshaw (Technical Coach), Scott Mason (Lead Analyst) and Jordan Milsom (Head of Fitness and Conditioning) to the club as part of Steven Gerrard’s backroom staff. Austin MacPhee, Aaron Danks and Neil Cutler will also remain at the club.

Goalkeeping coach Colin Stewart has been left at Ibrox to keep Jimmy Bell company, if there isn’t a new manager announced this weekend Graeme Murty will take training on Monday to prepare for the League Cup semi-final against Hibs on Sunday.

Murty has had two previous stints as caretaker with the fear of a third spell putting focus on the urgency to bring in a replacement for Gerrard.

Giovanni van Bronckhorst is reported to be jetting in to London for talks about taking charge but that sounds like the old trusted template from transfers in the David Murray era.

The next manager is expected to be currently out of work with the £2m compensation from Villa being used to cover one month of losses as Douglas Park and Dave King continue with their war or words and loans.

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  • Peter Cassidy says:

    When the bigots get in the new manager/coach they also need all the replacements one of them stevvee gee took to villa thats a fair bit of work itself to sort out and players to adjust to maybe a different style of playing or will they take to the new man in charge won’t be easy but they have a settle side at present so maybe the new one of them might have easier baptism than ange has had in rebuilding our team thanks to lennon and that #unt liewell and the other @unt Desmond.

  • Vinnie Mc laughlin says:

    Peter… Hopefully their soft foundations will collapse in coming weeks. I don’t get your reference to Desmond. Lawell definitely was asleep at the wheel and Desmond and the Board should move every CEO on after 7 years. However, least we forget Mr Desmond put his money up front when no rock star or other business man did.

    He also ensured one of the share placement was not a public failure by pulling in a number of Irish business men to pony up a few million. We also are not a basket case of a club. I also stand corrected, but has he ever taken a dividend?? He hasn’t sold up for a profit.. Mistakes have been made but less of the nasty references… Hail hail

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Vinnie ,why did Desmond not put his hand in his pocket to help Brendan Rodgers land John mc Ginn , after all the amount would have been loose change to Desmond ,if he had put liewell in his place Rodgers might have stayed but he done nothing but side with Tory liewell and all the other Tory bastards on our board all for the blue pound as we are told , surely Desmond didn’t need the blue pound ,fact is he treats Celtic like a toy and something to boast about to his golf mates ,I don’t think he ever dipped into his private fortune ,it’s been fans and season ticket holders who’ve kept Celtic afloat and the sale of players ,it’s certainly not Desmond putting money in,if he was at Sevco they would have folded again because the greedy cnut wouldn’t have baled them out like Douglas park has baled out Sevco ,so in all he’s not been that good for Celtic.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Jim Desmond thought he could get both glasgow clubs into the epl but rangers going bust #ucked that up Desmond if he did put his hand in his pocket was to put in his dividends chit in him and liewell have not really advanced celtic to become a force in europe look at ajax but where content to bump along in spl and europa and our policy to buy cheap sell high does keep celtic solvent but we should be so far in front of any team in Scotland the present set up has been a disgrace to let a load of journey men at the bigot dome win the leauge last season was a complete shambles all down to liewell and Desmond how they have run celtic no wonder mackay pi$$ed off he left celtic because that @unt liewell is still in the background and mackay told him to $uck off interfering but could see Desmond also a c#nt back liewell thats the truth .

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