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Chris Sutton returns to Twitter after Ibrox ban

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Chris Sutton has surfaced on Twitter for the first time since his Ibrox ban was confirmed.

Back in September the former Chelsea striker was banned from entering Ibrox as part of the BT Sport team to cover a Europa League double bill.

Sutton’s views have been met with waves of anger from Ibrox supporters with the current regime appearing to take policy from the most extreme fan media platforms- those that are given pre and post match media access to playrs and management.

Sutton has a great skill for tweeting without drawing a direct reference while all of his fllowers know exactly what he is referring to.

Unofficially, through their favoured media outlets, the message was put out that Sutton and Neil Lennon weren’t allowed into Ibrox on safety grounds. The conclusion to be drawn is that the club can’t control their own Season Ticket holders.

BT Sport haven’t made any on the record comment on the issue but from the ban reports last night it seems that they will cover tomorrow’s matches from Leverkusen and Ibrox from a studio inside Celtic Park.

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  • Johnny says:

    Just shut that fuckin piggery down and build a chapel for all the catholics down there.HH

  • Bhoy4life says:

    If the safety of even one person cannot be guaranteed inside that cesspit then no one, for any game should be allowed in until guarantees can be given that everyone is safe.
    Let them fight each other and ban them form every other ground in the country, its the only thing they will respect.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Small minded club wrapped up in hate if someone tells the truth also bt should just tell them if their staff can’t comment on issues regarding the club and banned for no reason then do not broadcast their match the bigots will say security reasons but we know that’s bull$hit its just Chris played for celtic and he has wound up the bigots and racists who either work for them and the vile fan base what a shower plus they still hurting that steevve geee ££££ got out and hibs stuffing them on Sunday.

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