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Chris Sutton slaps Charlie Nicholas down over Ibrox claim

Image for Chris Sutton slaps Charlie Nicholas down over Ibrox claim

Charlie Nicholas barely got a couple of days out of his Steven Gerrard claim before the Liverpool legend was signing up for a massive pay-day at Aston Villa.

Most pundits not attached to Ibrox realised that interest from the Birmingham side would appeal to the ego of Gerrard after he had gone public about the lack of cash being spent on transfers at Ibrox.

For the best part of 30 years Nicholas has been a fully paid up subscriber to the O** F*** media game with the arrival of a former England skipper at Ibrox something to celebrate- and cash in on.

With Gerrard in Scotland Nicholas has a greater chance of media appointments even if he is now reduced to a Tuesday column in The Express.

This week Nicholas indulged in an Ibrox love-in claiming that Gerrard would be mad to swap it for Villa Park. Unwisely he chose to call out Sutton for suggesting otherwise.

Nicholas could have got away with his initial point of view if he hadn’t brought Sutton into his argument, like Gerrard and Sevco it didn’t end well for the man from The Express. Jim White is believed to be comforting Nicholas over the news from Villa Park.

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