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Graham Spiers emerges from his bunker to trash the departed Mister Gerrard

Image for Graham Spiers emerges from his bunker to trash the departed Mister Gerrard

A week ago you’d be hard pressed to read of any criticism about Steven Gerrard in the mainstream Scottish media.

Even denied access to matches and media conferences the coverage has been fawning and reverential, every minor success spun out of all proportion while setbacks like M A L M O are quickly airbrushed out of sight.

Pesky internet bampots highlighted the FACTS! of one trophy win in nine, contrasting that with two out of three from Callum Davidson.

Since Thursday morning there has been an element of revisionism. Tom English is well known for being late to the party, and loyally on message, had some mild criticism of the departed Ibrox leader, today Graham Spiers has taken a fresh look at the incredible achievements of the recently departed Mister Gerrard.

In The Times Spiers explains:

I think Gerrard is showing real guts in going to Aston Villa, for one very simple reason: the move could kill his managerial career. He will have no illusions about this: fail at Villa, which is a real possibility, and he could not possibly succeed Jürgen Klopp at Liverpool. It is a move fraught with danger, which Gerrard will be perfectly aware of, yet he has chosen to take on the task. That is courage.

I’m not alone in thinking Gerrard, Michael Beale and Rangers were running out of steam together. I sometimes think I am alone, though, in thinking that Gerrard was not quite the success in Scottish football that many seem to want to believe.

And I am convinced of this: never again will you hear Rangers supporters somehow playing down the winning of trophies, as if it is not quite of great importance. This charade will be duly binned.

According to Spiers

Gerrard, ever likeable and engaging in these sometimes strange times around Rangers, had no illusions about it himself, despite the fawning going on all around him.

The only reason that Gerrard will fail at Villa is if he’s not as good a manager as the media has portrayed him to be. Brighton, Crystal Palace, Leicester, Manchester City and Liverpool for openers without Walsh, Madden or Beaton will provide a very early test for the new Villa boss.

It was Spiers and his media chums that feted the achievements of Gerrard at Ibrox. One trophy success while running up close to £50m in debt and leaving behind an ageing squad for his successor isn’t really much to shout about.

In England Gerrard is highly unlikely to go 23 months without having a player sent off in a domestic match or have one penalty awarded against his side every 50 games.

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  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Tried to win silverware 9 times won 1 and might bankrupt the rangers 2012 in doing so @ucked off ASAP when villa came in 5 weeks ago at least wee Rodgers won every tournament he entered in scottish football not so well in europe but steevee gee ££££££ 1 win and in covid pandemic and is made out a super manager by the scottish blue cheerleaders media now he is not as good as the made out time will tell if the smug snide stevve geeee £££££ will be a succes down in the over inflated epl my opinion i think he will fail but then villa have some very good players who just might keep him in the job will be interesting to see how he does and they thought he was one Them?.

    • KC67 says:

      They only won the league last year through corruption and cheating, the penalty and sending off stats back that up. If Celtic win the league this year it could finish the tramps off. For everybody’s sake let’s hope it happens. This time for good. Hail Hail

  • peter kane says:

    let,s face it he only came here as a pubicity stunt,and did the scotish daily paper,s eat it up ,

  • scouse bhoy says:

    they all seem to forget the free pass they gave salary who mismanaged both ibrox clubs.

  • ?Green Machine? says:

    Officialdom gave him a Helping Hand something that will be Lacking down South.Slippy G got a Helping hand with every Hun est Mistake Made

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    All the SMSM are revisionist weaklings. Spiers has never, ever drawn attention to Mr1 in 10, never. To try to.position himself as the lone voice in the wilderness is laughable.

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