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Ibrox fans hit new lows as they celebrate Tommy Burns song

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In the month that Walter Smith died a significant number of Ibrox fans were celebrating the death of Tommy Burns in song at Livingston today.

Numerous videos can be found across Twitter tonight with the ‘banter’ coming from the same area of the ground that pelted snowballs at the Livingston goalkeeper to delay the start of the second half by eight minutes.

It seems that since the softly softly approach taken by the authorities to the numerous public order incidents in George Square in March and May a sense of immunity has developed.

Back in August hundreds marched through the centre of Glasgow singing for third and fourth generation Irish immigrants to be returned, despite extensive CCVT coverage only nine people have been arrested and charged.

Whenever these type of incidents become too public the usual reaction is to blame it on a tiny minority of supporters. There was a large number, still a minority, involved today with no-one in the stadium showing any concern.

With no condemnation from the club those involved will take it as silent approval as the video clips are shared and enjoyed by Ibrox Season Ticket holders.

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  • Peter Cassidy says:

    There is low life in every society some more than others but this low life in the rangers supporters really are the pits what sad human beings they are Tommy burns was decent human being in his life god bless him.

  • Dora says:

    Wangers Int footy fans !!??
    Another tick on a long list why the footballing world hates them, poisonous support and what a shame that venomous, skummy, snakey neck of sevco wasn’t chopped off when the opportunity was there 9yr ago

  • John says:

    I’m not sure, so I’ll stand corrected, but I cannot remember a single word of disrespect from Celtic fans when Fernando Ricksen died or anyone else for that matter.
    The nearest I can think of as utter scum in our ranks were the animals who were singing a Lee Rigby ‘song’. Hope they’re all having a shit life now.

  • Eamon quigley says:

    Suppose vile inhumane chanting from lowlifes is not for everyone aye Kris boyd

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:


  • Frankie pearson says:

    No matter what is said about these actions by the most illiterate people in the world nothing will ever be done how any human being can stand up for this club, van donkey empty heid Boyd , sawdust heid Rae, and the gardener and last the Scottish football governing body.

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