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Only in Scotland- Chris Sutton calls out Madden madness

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Scottish football craves being treated on a par with England, every issue from player valuations to broadcasting deals is always compared to their wealthy southern neighbours.

Chris Sutton does his best as an unofficial ambassador for the Scottish game but sometimes there are things that you just can’t justify.

Like the same elite group of officials from Glasgow and Lanarkshire getting all of the big matches and coming up with their own unique take on situations.

Apparently some people are claiming that Madden had no option but to send off Funso Ojo due to the ‘letter of the law’.

That will be the letter of the law that Madden ignored as he chased after a match fee from Ross County v Celtic in February after he had spent a week in close contact with David Roome who tested positive after a jolly in Athens.

In January Alfredo Morelos raked his studs down the heel of Jeremie Frimpong in the third minute of a Glasgow derby, the East Kilbride based official opted to ignore the letter of the law.

Later in that match he got into a bear-hug to restrain Morelos from attacking Celtic players, again no card was required.

In the opening match of the season Madden’s podcast buddy Andy Halliday attacked the heel of Callum McGregor, the letter of the law was ignored as the former Livingston and Bradford utility man avoided any cards.

When Celtic visited Aberdeen at the start of October 27 free kicks were awarded against Ange Postecoglou’s boot bhoys who had 62% of the game. Another of many examples where Madden ignores ‘by the letter of the law’.

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  • John S says:

    ‘Maddening’: a euphemism for bias.

  • Pan says:

    Madden failed to protect this player. The player did nothing wrong.
    IMHO Madden is totally incompetent and should never be a referee.
    You need a balanced judgement and wisdom to be a good referee. Madden is not up to the job.
    These fans should not get away with this. It was assault on a player and his mates chucked a few small objects at the player as well. These are disgusting filthy fans and Dundee Utd and the Police should have taken action by this time. My opinion of that club has gone right down since yesterday.

  • Pan says:

    If, however, they get this dealt with properly and these thugs are punished then I may regain my respect for them as a club. I am watching and waiting.

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