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‘Utterly atrocious behaviour’ ‘Yet more awful PR’ Fans react as Police Scotland strike new low with Food Bank intervention

Image for ‘Utterly atrocious behaviour’ ‘Yet more awful PR’ Fans react as Police Scotland strike new low with Food Bank intervention

Relations between Police Scotland and the Celtic support reached a new low today when action was taken during a food bank collection.

According to eye-witness accounts four collection vans were given £60 parking tickets for helping to feed the most needy families in the west of Scotland.

The Green Brigade have been arranging food collections for a number of years with agreed locations outside the stadium for fans to leave bags of food.

For whatever reasons the decision was taken to take action against the collection with fines handed out.

Food banks and food collections have become essential over the last decade or so due to various restrictions in benefits and the impact of the pandemic and lockdown.

No official comment has been by Celtic or Police Scotland but today’s incidents haven’t done anyone any favours.

After the final whistle the Green Brigade stayed inside Celtic Park for more than half an hour.

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  • Kathleen Fitzgerald says:

    Absolutely disgrace

  • Joe says:

    And some of you want independence? Are you nuts?
    You are in the most bigoted country in the world, even more so than NI and the far eastern countries!
    Be very careful what you wish for!

  • Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding says:

    Look at the faces on the wardens.

    I know what section of the community they hail from in this bigoted trash toilet of a country.

  • Justshatered says:

    Isn’t it strange that as soon as the fan’s start complaining about the appointment of a Police Scotland Officer as security chief this happens.

    At best it looks petty but at worst it looks like naked intimidation. Otherwise how could you explain today’s events after years of collecting food for the poorest in our community, without any problem.

    Is the club in cahoots with Police Scotland on this ?

    Also, in a point of law, I thought Celtic owned the land the vehicles were on which makes the parking tickets unenforceable.

  • Gerry Ferguson says:

    Being a Scottish Roman Catholic Celtic supporter from an Irish background i agree with the comments on wanting independence, we would not have a voice

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