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Sportscene presenter defends their Ibrox only pundit policy

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Jane Lewis has taken to twitter to defend Sportscene’s choice of pundits ahead of hosting Sunday’s show in the enlightened company of Kenny Miller and Dick Foster.

With former Ibrox star Steven Thompson having a week off Lewis will be in the presenter’s chair as she reunites two Sevco stars from the 2014/15 season where they were managed by Ally McCoist, Kenny McDowall and Stuart McCall, finishing the season behind Hearts and Hibs in The Championship.

It seems that an EBT rather than an equity card is the key to a gig on Sportscene with Neil McCann and Billy Dodds regulars alongside Thompson as well as Charlie Adam, Chris Burke and others with one thing in common.

Miller seems especially desperate to muscle in on the pundit scene, most days of the week he can be found on a variety of programmes from Sky Sports and BBC Scotland giving his expert views with an appearance or two on Radio Clyde for some variety.

Forster seems to be as familiar with BBC Scotland studios as he is with Championship wingers, turning out for Partick Thistle while his parallel career with the state broadcaster takes off.

Lewis claims to be a Motherwell supporter.

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  • Stevie says:

    Save yourself money and grief at the same time, don’t fund the Bias BBC.

  • AllaboutCeltic says:

    Does anyone actually watch Sportscene anymore??? It has all the charisma of the Reverend I M Jolly, and almost just as funny. Refuse to pay your TV license as all you’re doing is building up their kitty for when Hector comes calling

    • Hnckbt says:

      I have stopped watching Sportscene due to BBC Scotlands bias towards Sevco or whatever they call themselves nowadays. If you support any other Scottish team you are going to get biased reporting from the BBC when you are involved in a match against the Blue side of Scotland and Glasgow. BBC Scotland you should hang your head in shame.

  • Nick says:

    Even Jane Lewis worked for Rangers.
    Why don’t BBC just call it:
    The Rangers Show and be done with it?
    Scottish state broadcasting is a joke and has got to change to reflect ALL of Scotland not just one single club.
    Pathetic excuses from Lewis won’t suffice.

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Thats part of the reason I don’t pay the license fee anymore. So very parochial of the “national broadcaster ” keeping their pals on the Payroll, no thanks.

  • Exiled in Ard Mhaca says:

    Defund the BBC.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Out of all those so called pundits the one missing who tells it as it is Michael Stewart funny he is not on it much now bbc full of masons and o/o has been for years .

  • Charles Oneill says:

    To be honest it is the most corrupt organisation in the country. Funny handshakes and EBT’s gets you a job without interviews. You just have to prove you are willing to call out Celtic FC even if you are on a gardening program

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Scotland itself is a corrupt , bigoted country always has been always will be , even worse if sturgeon and her mates ever get full autonomy.

  • Tom Murphy says:

    She cannot seriously defend the obvious bias towards a majority of ex-rangers players filling the pundits’ positions on her show. Am sure she and her guests were happy to see ref Clancy get his revenge against Celtic criticism by awarding a NON penalty to Aberdeen. Awful refereeing, time to thoroughly vet Clancy.

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