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Van Bronckhorst flies home as search for Gerrard’s replacement continues

Image for Van Bronckhorst flies home as search for Gerrard’s replacement continues

Giovanni van Bronckhorst is on his way back to Holland as the search for Steven Gerrard’s successor continues for the Ibrox hierarchy.

Gerrard’s departure for Aston Villa appears to have provided van Bronckhorst with the perfect opportunity to get back in the spotlight after a disastrous spell managing in China.

Almost as soon as Villa had announced their new manager the campaign was underway to remind the world that the former Arsenal and Barcelona midfielder was looking for a job. His flights to and from London have been extensively ‘leaked’.

It seems that the other candidates to be interviewed for the vacancy are keeping a lower profile than van Bronckhorst.

Ross Wilson is apparently in charge of the search for Gerrard’s replacement but the recruitment system seems unusual for football.

Normally a club will have a definite candidate in mind, like Spurs with Antonio Conte and Villa with Gerrard. Contact with the preferred candidate is concluded and an appointment made.

Sevco appear unsure of who they want with a couple of interviews expected before a decision is made, if no appointment is made Graeme Murty will take training on Monday with Gerrard taking five coaches with him to Villa.

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  • John S says:

    One of the cuts to be made will be the manager’s salary.

  • Frankie pearson says:

    Why would anybody take that job with the state that club is in no money to spend no club wanting their overacted players surely everybody can see why slippy slipped out the door.

  • Derek Duncan says:

    Oh dear, Sevco 2012 filth, no manager no money hahahahaha

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    5k a wk.. 250k per annum..Basically on a Yr whit Slippy wiz on a Mth & he Fuked Off lol! Surely Van Wankhurst isny as Skint as SEVCO WHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Dora says:

    Top man Stevie G, you did a proper jobby on sevco footy klub….dropped money like you were Floyd May and ran, at speed from that rotten klub—-job done!
    I tip my Celtic cap to you…your club after all Stevie!!

  • Big T says:

    Von Bratwurst jets out after finding out that sevco are skintos.


  • Stephen Reid says:

    What manager worth his salt is going to take this job on with no money to spend? Career suicide.

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