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BBC Scotland finally report on Sports Direct victory

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BBC Scotland has finally admitted to the latest victory for Sports Direct in their long-running battle with Sevco.

When Dave King ended the contract with Mike Ashley’s firm in June 2017 all of the Scottish media fell in line until it was revealed in November that it had cost the club £3m to end the seven year contract and replace it with a fresh deal.

In 2019 the South African businessman switched kit supplier to Hummel but court action from Sports Direct meant that kit sales didn’t start until September. Plagued by disputes Hummel cancelled their world record deal with 12 months still to run on their three year deal.

The seven figure pay-out could well be eight figures (more than £9,999,999)

On December 3 a High County hearing revealed that Sports Direct were entitled to view the new world-record contract with Castore Sport which will allow Ashley’s firm to make a fair claim for lost revenue, damages and legal costs.

It seems that a final ruling will be given in June unless the Ibrox club decide to settle out of court to save some face.

CLICK HERE for full High Court ruling.

CLICK HERE for BBC Gossip.

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  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Take the Hun Bastards tae the Cleaners!! ????

  • Justshatered says:

    After so long Ashley will want more than £10M.
    Remember that will only be the lost revenue but there will also have to be a penalty on top of that to discourage The Rangers from doing exactly the same again.
    That is one penalty they won’t want to convert.
    Ashley will probably go for an additional ruling that The Rangers must comply with the contract they signed with Sports Direct. If they break that they will then be in contempt of court.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    The bigots will need to pay court costs their own qc cost Ashley qc interest backdated when the final amount monies agreed to Ashley from the information the bigots have been forced to give all in all a very big bill and Ashley does not give tick dave king really has #ucked them good and proper lovely dig deep bigot investors and directors.

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