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Coupled with Celtic’s draw at Ross County- red faces at BBC Scotland as they jump the gun

Image for Coupled with Celtic’s draw at Ross County- red faces at BBC Scotland as they jump the gun

It seems that basic journalism and reporting skills have fallen by the wayside at BBC Scotland.

Being prepared, getting the story out sharpish in the digital age is vital but not at the cost of accuracy, the most basic of reporting qualities.

From the moment Carl Starfelt was sent off at Ross County last night there was a very real possibility that Celtic were going to drop points. An increased gap of six points would undoubtedly be the main factor to take from the two SPFL Premiership matches played. Except it didn’t happen.

You can have the best and most dramatic story all written up and in place but you can’t click on publish until the final whistle is blown.

Last night BBC Scotland had radio and television staff in Dingwall, a vast operation in place to produce Sportscene and their ever-growing website staff looking at every angle and eventuality.

It seems that some people just couldn’t wait to rush out the news of Celtic dropping points, in real time there was about five minutes between the final whistle at Ibrox and at Victoria Park, Dingwall.

The outcome at Ibrox wasn’t in doubt, the home win was secured early in the second half with a second goal.

From the 57th minute in Dingwall Celtic were in danger of dropping points, when Starfelt was sent off it could have been three dropped points rather than two. But it wasn’t. The game of football lasts until the final blow of the referee’s whistle, not until the 90th, 93rd or 95th minute.

Across social media last night fans were sharing and laughing at the misfortune of the BBC, the joke is on the licence payer who contributes for falling standards as the state broadcaster attempts to provide saturation coverage on everything- clearly spreading the talent pool too thinly at times.

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  • James Burns says:

    Don’t forget the Scottish edition of the English Daily Mail…. it too was celebrating ‘The Draw’!

  • John mcghee says:

    Wel they all went to bed with a red zombie face hope ever who wrote it wakes up a sick sick zombie scumbag.BBC RATS

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    What license payers! There is a big revolt on paying this stealth tax,for grossly over paid staff, and most of ex Ibrox “players “on the Payroll, Gravy Train.

  • Exiled in Ard Mhaca says:

    Bluenose Broadcasting Cabal just can’t help themselves any jag against Celtic is to tempting to resist.

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