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Green Brigade and fan groups call out Nicholson on eve of Motherwell protest

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The collective of Celtic fan groups have called on Michael Nicholson to meet with them to discuss the possible appointment of Bernard Higgins to a security role at the club.

After more than a month of high profile but legal protests the acting Celtic CEO has refused to speak to the fans with over 250 different groups signing an open letter to Nicholson and the Celtic board.

Celtic employ a Supporter Liaison Officer and hold quarterly ‘fan forums’ but these appear to be box ticking exercises for the benefit of UEFA rather anything meaningful or a genuine attempt to engage with supporters.

Thursday’s Europa League tie against Real Betis was played in front of a fairly quiet and respectful crowd despite the five goals shared.

There were a few attempts at chanting that never quite took off with a repeat on the cards for tomorrow’s match against Motherwell with no sign of acknowledgement never mind dialogue or discussion coming from the club hierarchy.

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  • Brian mccarry says:

    Surely our board must recognise our fans view and at least arrange a meeting …..I honestly think its a major boost to our opponents when celtic Park is quiet….unfortunately our board is miles away in comparison to 90 % of our real fans views on many topics ….I’m thinking if the board don’t move we will have major issues and arguments and the board will learn the hard way that celtic is about the fans ,

  • Justshatered says:

    See if this role is so important, why was the security officer not sacked after the crush under the North Stand .
    There was supposed to be an investigation that was to be made public but we’re still waiting years later.
    A bit like the strategic report in January. Anyone heard a duckies from that ?
    Ten months later we still don’t have a Director of Football or a meaningful support structure around the manager.
    It almost as if any success the team achieves is in spite of the Board and not because of them.

  • Anthony Mcquade says:

    The board have NO say in any of these matters . They do as they are told to do

  • Joe says:

    The Green Brigade are more damaging to our club than any ex-Police chief could ever be!
    They are not Celtic fans. They are not acting on behalf of Celtic.
    They are a bunch of typical complaining louts who use Celtic as their platform for political campaigning, protesting, arguing, anything that no-one wants to listen about.
    They use ridiculous arguments which have nothing to do with Celtic, Scottish football or even sport in general.
    They cost Celtic millions of pounds and have taken the real fans of our club from being OFFICIALLY named by UEFA not only the best fans in Europe, but also by FIFA as the best in the world.
    Now, this mob have dragged our club as low as the old extinct rangers fans, and lower than fans of the tribute act!
    Maybe these so called fans should either put their extra time they all seem to have on their hands into getting behind our club, or go move along to Govan and join forces with the fans of the new club! They like their politics over there!

  • John says:

    Well put Joe! Couldn’t agree more. Michael Nicholson should tell them to get tae f*ck for once and for all.A blight on our club with their pathetic stunts. What gives them the right to have a say on who the club employs? The sooner the club appoints Higgins the better.

  • Michael Donohoe says:

    John and Joe, SHUT UP Go back to ipox where you belong.

  • Anthony Mcquade says:

    That’s strange Joe because for 10s if not 100s of these Ghirls and Bhoys have spent over £100,000 in a 15/20 year period following Celtic all over . If you able to count it quite easy to calculate .
    Surely a few political banners would have been cheaper

  • Michael McCartney says:

    The management of Celtic PLC will not let anyone other than the majority shareholders dictate on who they employ or do not employ. They do play a dangerous game in upsetting the supporters or as they seem to view them, the customers.

    I feel the supporters are being naive in their tactics as all they are damaging is the atmosphere inside the ground on matchdays which could affect the teams performance.

    As far as the people who criticise the green brigade go I think they’re going over the top. In my opinion they are a group who give great support to the team and their collections for food banks are a credit to them.

    I would like to see their songbook being a bit more in the support of the team rather than being anti the team across the city or singing sectarian rubbish such as roamin in the gloamin and being a Roman Catholic, give us a break from that rubbish.

  • Anthony Mcquade says:

    Dear John , no chance that Nicholson tell them anything . He doesn’t communicate

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