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I’d end up going to jail- Robbie Neilson completely loses it with Madden

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Robbie Neilson admitted that he’d end up in jail if he said what he thought about one decision from Bobby Madden last night.

The Hearts boss does like the sound of his own voice and deflection tactics, last night was no exception.

With a Hearts player snapping at his heels in the 71st minute Jota pulled up, after treatment on the park he was replaced by Mikey Johnston.

It was a bit unusual but hardly the sort of incident that would lead to any sane person ending up doing a custodial sentence.

In their after-match coverage BBC Scotland reported:

“I’d end up going to jail if I said what I really think about it,” adds Hearts boss Robbie Neilson when asked about Bobby Madden’s decision to go for a drop-ball after Jota’s injury.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,” he adds. “The boy pulls his hamstring and the referee stops the game and gives them the ball back when we’re going to counter-attack. But that’s Scottish football… You’re in Glasgow.”

If Neilson had been watching the first half he’d have noticed Stephen Welsh winning a challenge with Josh Ginnelly, the Hearts player decided to fall over with Madden stopping play then restart with a drop ball to Celtic. Presumably the Hearts boss didn’t have thoughts that would lead him to jail about that incident.

With or without Anger Management training Neilson will take Hearts to face Livingston on Sunday.

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  • Tam c says:

    So Robbie Nielsen would go to jail if he said what he really thought WOW. A manager called ALL referees CHEATS and had been cheating for years and nothing was said or done to him. So what on earth was Robbie Nielsen thinking

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Neilson has a short memory, Celtic suffered from three terrible decisions in the 1st game of season at Tynecastle.

    They had a legitimate goal chalked off, The free kick that led to Hearts winning goal was never an infringement and Hallidays horrific tackle on McGregor went unpunished.

    The decision last night was marginal and only VAR would have helped decide. Scottish football has to bring this about, maybe with the help of a sponsor.

  • Sean says:

    Why is there no mention about this bottle throwing incident last night, if that was the ibrox mob Joe, you would have wrote a bible about it. It came from the green brigade end, surprise, surprise. You constantly write about the green brigade doing charity work etc, but you don’t write about there many instances were they have completely shame our club. That was a disgrace that last night, surely it should be acknowledged.

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Got to agree with you there Sean,CCTV should be able to point out the deranged idiot who thought it a good idea to lob a bottle at an opposing player,we need to watch this ,we always go on about the great Celtic support but what if this happens when we are playing in Europe ,uefa would take a very dim view of it ,this guys fellow fans should shop him if they had any scruples.its embarrassing to see this behaviour still happening at Celtic park.

  • harold shand says:

    Hun media lap clowns like this up when he’s moaning about losing to us

    They were all hoping for a diets win last night

    So they could cream in their Castore shorts over the thought of their beloved team going 10 clear before we play on Sunday

  • Stev says:

    Looks like you’ve just came oot the jail ya fckn wee tramp.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    What is he talking about celtic should have won it by 5 goals total dominated from start to finish just bad finishing we need to be putting all these chances away saying that could have been 20 nil no kidding look I don’t care what the score is as long as we score more than the opposition.

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