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Just 14 gullible bears splash out on ‘exclusive’ NFT as they walk away from crypto deal

Image for Just 14 gullible bears splash out on ‘exclusive’ NFT as they walk away from crypto deal

Even the gullible have been slow on the uptake for the latest money spinner from the Commercial Department at Ibrox.

Barely a week goes by without James Bisgrove gushing about the latest stunning partnership set to transform the universe with breath-taking technology.

Four sponsor logos can now be viewed on the iconic Castore kit but fans have been slow to shell out for an exclusive NFT to celebrate last season’s miracle Behind Closed Doors.

Unlike match shirts, programmes, tickets or boots NFTs don’t exist but you can collect them digitally to store in your cloud to impress others.

On Monday Martyn Ziegler of The Times took a look at the issue. Despite the hype and spin the Gullible have only stepped forward to purchase 14 of 1000 NFTS. For $50US/ £38 you can have your celebration NFT but there is a catch, a transaction fee of $170US.

Paying out $220US allows the True Bear to demonstrate his support for the club, once the remaining 1,986 NFTs are sold the value could soar- or a second batch could be ‘issued’.

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  • FSTB says:

    Is the idea not to get the first fish to bite ,then inflate the value
    Then when all the other fish see there might be money to be made ,they all swim in
    That’s when the nets get reeled in and many of the poor wee fish realise they have been caught

    • Joeshug says:

      LOL yet another red herring. ????

      • Peter Cassidy says:

        Well if they are buying shares at 25 pence and ture worth are around 3/4 pence they are they will buy any rubbish the rangers tell them look at costmore $hit they sell bigots buying just because its got a wee rangers badge on them .

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Was wondering just how long that’d take them. BRILLIANT, SORRY MORE DIDNAE TAKE UP THE OFFER? FOOLS?

  • Stev says:

    Bunch of thruppenny bits.

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