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‘Kris Boyd is an absolute clown, becoming a parody of himself now’ ‘called himself Boydy tonight’ ‘comes across a pure clown’ Sky Sports ‘expert’ trends on twitter

Image for ‘Kris Boyd is an absolute clown, becoming a parody of himself now’ ‘called himself Boydy tonight’ ‘comes across a pure clown’  Sky Sports ‘expert’ trends on twitter

Kris Boyd went into overdrive last night as tried way too hard to be a controversial character on Sky Sports’ coverage of Celtic v Hearts.

In England it works with any combination of Roy Keane, Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville together in a studio, sometimes you don’t even need a match in the background.

The problem for Boyd last night was that none of his co-pundits were prepared to bite- Christophe Berra and Stan Petrov could see straight through their hyper-excited colleague for the night.

Petrov is fairly dry and analytical. Very watchable for his detached viewpoint, not in the same category as former Celtic team-mates Chris Sutton and John Hartson.

Berra was refreshingly honest. Twice a Hearts player he admitted that the offside claim against the Celtic goal was too close to call. As it was.

Not Boyd unfortunately. With no one prepared to match his high-pitched outrage he just went off squealing to himself about the great injustice that he had witnessed.

There was plenty to last night’s match, lot of dubious and debatable decisions but Boyd only had thoughts for one incident.

One view that most fans will agree with is Boyd’s call for VAR- the sooner the better for most watching fans.

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  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Need Sumwan tae SLAP THIS F**N CLOWN roon the Gallowgate!!!

  • harold shand says:

    It’s just getting silly now with this guy and also very boring

    He offers no football insights via tactics etc

    All he’s doing is sitting glancing at himself in the studio cameras and grinning

    Sky are deliberately putting him on when Celtic are playing in the hope that if we drop points it looks like he’s trolling us

    But the thing is it backfires on them when we when win as he just makes a total c*nt of himself ranting like he did last night

  • Frankie pearson says:

    I wish people would stop crying empty heid a pundit what a total embarrassment for this clown to be collecting a wage thank god I got rid of sky what are they thinking, he can’t even string 2 sentences together, var if it was here his team would not have as many points.Sky should get rid off him.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    So what the goal was maybe off side its about time celtic got benefit of the doubt look at the leauge game against jam blue tarts was our player off side maybe he wasn’t when you see some of the decisions against celtic from the refs well big deal we might have got .regarding the game only one team celtic should have won it by a bigger score dominating from start to finish and as usual that halfwit boyd he really hates celtic trying to talk English spewing complete tripe I think he pays sky to get on tv.

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