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Obsessed Charlie Adam hands out challenge to Green Brigade!

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Charlie Adam has suggested that the Green Brigade delay their silent protest against the possible appointment of Bernard Higgins from tomorrow’s Europa League tie against Real Betis until the League Cup Final against Hibs 10 days later.

It seems like a brand new level of obsession for a Dundee player to be discussing Celtic fan issues on an online Football Show.

For over a month the Green Brigade have arranged a variety of actions to protest about the possible appointment of Higgins, when Celtic played Dundee at Dens Park the match was briefly held up as tennis balls were thrown on the pitch to illustrate that the issue is now in Celtic’s court.

Tomorrow night the Green Brigade will be silent during the Europa League tie against Real Betis with a repeat planned for Sunday’s home match against Motherwell. An open letter to Celtic chief Michael Nicholson signed by more than 250 supporter groups has yet to be given a response.

Covering Adam, The Sun reports:

Speaking on PLZ Soccer tonight, he said: “Why don’t they make a stance at the League Cup final, when everybody will be watching?

“Do that instead of doing against Real Betis on Thursday when the game means nothing. Motherwell on Sunday, nobody will see that. If you think you are strong enough, make a stance at the League Cup final.

“If the Green Brigade think they are that important to the club, make that stand at the League Cup final. Why not? Everybody will be watching. They are talking about statements because of Bernard Higgins. Make one at the League Cup final then – but they won’t.”

The prospects of the Green Brigade taking on board the suggestions of Adam are as likely as a Ballon d’Or nomination for the veteran Dundee captain.

In two matches against the hoops this season Adam has been unable to survive beyond the hour mark as he watched his team get off lightly with the loss of just 10 goals including five from Kyogo Furuhashi.

Dundee are fourth bottom of the SPFL Premiership table with 16 points from 16 matches, on Saturday Adam was substituted early in the second half of the 3-0 defeat at Ibrox.

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  • Charles says:

    Does this dumpling realise that almost twice as many Celtic fans will be at Celtic Park than Hamden. Also it’s the home ground. Why do it at an away ground.

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Fat Cunt wants us tae stay silent at a Cup Final lol! Aye sure thing ya Fat Hun Bastard!!

  • Pan says:

    Adam has no business commenting on our affairs. He has an agenda.
    His motives cannot in any way be considered friendly.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Honest what must Dundee fans think of this.their player obsessing over another team

  • John S says:

    The Green Brigade has an issue. Many other fans may feel sympathetic to that issue. No-one knows the Board’s logic or intentions on this theoretical appointment. As for Charlie Adam, I think he’s Mrs. Adam’s wee boy.

  • Anthony Mcquade says:

    All Adams has done is confirm that he is thick . A sort Kris Boyd clone

  • Jim says:

    Why give him any value. 250 supporters group, Wow!. What a ignorant group our board are. Shame on them.

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