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Official Ibrox travel partner walks away from Lyon trips for fans

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Travel firm Sports Options have confirmed to Ibrox fans that their off-on-off trip to Lyon is OFF!

Hundreds of festive bears were set to fly into the French city and spread their own culture among the thousands enjoying the Festival of Light, a celebration where candles were put in windows to celebrate a statue of Our Lady on Fourviere Hill in the city.

Last week Lyon announced that they had allocated 2,200 tickets to Ibrox fans, Sports Options then booked up flights and arranged for staff and other services.

On Monday afternoon Douglas Park’s club announced that the French Government had banned visiting fans from Lyon but within 24 hours a statement was up on the website that fans with tickets would be allowed into Thursday’s match.

Inbetween those statements Sports Options cancelled their charter flights then admitted on Tuesday that they would be unable to put the flights back on!

Just seven days ago we had uncertainty about whether ‘Rangers’ fans would be allowed to attend. Then with a few days to go a decision was made and communicated to fans 2,000 would be allowed to attend. Tickets were sold and then the decision was revered with less than 72 hours to go before flight departures. This was a shambolic situation and we immediately cancelled all arrangements and guaranteed refunds to our customers. Airlines and crews were stood down.

At no point was there any suggestion from any of the clubs or authorities involved that there was an appeals process or that the decision would be reversed.

Finally to completely leave fans being treated with utter contempt the decision that had already been reversed was reversed again. This time within 48 hours of scheduled departures.

Fans will be able to watch Thursday’s match in the company of Chris Sutton and BT Sport.

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  • Anthony Mcquade says:

    Who cares what this scum do / don’t do . Let us concentrate on ourselves . Because no one else in Scottish Football gives a damn about us

    • Rosalie Hagart says:

      So bloody true.
      Why doesn’t Parkhead Invest in it’s
      Own Luxury Coaches Ect.

      • james rodden says:

        Absofeckinlutely, I never understood the gifting of our business to Park, imho it should be our own coaches, failing that ABP?

    • Rosalie Hagart says:


      • Kieran Mc Carthy says:

        You wouldn’t let that mob attend a pig sty let alone walking around trashing a city especially when they hosting a religious event.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Aw those poor bigoted violent disgusting and FULL OF HATE FANS are getting what they deserve, I was just about to make jelly and I’ve plenty of ice cream too.
    That’s really brightened up my day, sevco bad news is music to my ears.

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