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SFA Head of Refereeing Crawford Allan is posted missing

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Crawford Allan opted against making an appearance on BBC Scotland’s Sportsound programme today.

Last Saturday following the high-pitched squeals of Kris Boyd and backed by Robbie Neilson the SFA’s Head of Refereeing decided that it was time to speak to the nation.

With no sign of VAR he claimed that Kyogo Furuhashi’s goal against Hearts was probably offside. He also explained why play was stopped for an injury to Jota with no reference made to a similar incident involving Josh Ginnelly in the first half.

It was soft-ball questions all the way from the presenters employed by the state broadcaster.

A day after Allan’s radio appearance David Turnbull was on the end of a brutal attack from Dundee United’s Calum Butcher.

Incredibly Don Robertson, with a fourth official and assistant close to the incident decided that the challenge was only worth a yellow card. Every single pundit thought otherwise, it was a clear red in real time and from every angle- except from Robertson’s.

Allan could have explained the reasoning for that decision but opted not to. He could have explained the process that decided that a three match ban was offered and accepted. Allan chose not to.

Next Sunday John Beaton will referee the League Cup Final, in recent weeks he has awarded late penalties to Sevco in dubious circumstances. Earing a point at home to Aberdeen and turning a draw at Hibs into a win.

Perhaps Allan could explain the special qualities that made Beaton the best candidate to referee the first final of the season, he chose not to.

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  • John S says:

    I can almost hear Mrs. Allen shouting from her front door “Crawford, your tea’s ready.”

    • Jim Duffy says:

      John you forgot , Findlay Farquhar Campbell Forbes and not forgetting CRAWFORD,. reply to me as James Endicott Wilberforce Pitcairn ,Duffy,l I’ll have my whole proper if you please you Irish vagabonds

    • Jim Duffy says:

      John if you want to blame anyone ,it’s our spinless Tory board who are ,bye the way about as far removed from our origins ,I don’t know what brother walfrid would make of this ,but I’
      Know this much he would have been in the green army.

  • Justshatered says:

    Perhaps focus should also be on the BBC, asking why, out of all the contentious decisions this season, was Crawford Alan only invited on to the radio when Celtic got an “iffy” decision.
    The word “agenda” is thrown about a lot but it would seem that at least one person in the sport department has issues.
    Why was the questions solely focused on the Celtic v Hearts game when there have been quite a few contentious decisions this season.
    For instance why does no one ever ask why one team jn the league can consistently be awarded usually double the amount of penalties than the next team ?
    That sane statistic is borne out year after year after year regardless of their position in the league.

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Your wasting your time questionng any thing in proud Scottish orange masonic bigoted ,the best we free cuntry in the world my arse. Scotland is so fucked up that the SNP try and get the hordes from ipox on their side ,wee Nicky is fuckin daft did she not notice union jacks and all that British imperialism at the door of ipox,jeez in no politician but getting Britain’s finest unionist crowd onside was the biggest fuck sturgeon had ,she and her republican ilk still don’t get it,bonnie jockland is and always has been a stupid backward protestant kkk right wing shit kicking country,ie catch phrase “come into the body of the FUCKIN Kirk it’s still like that in wee poisoned best cuntry in the world

  • Jim Duffy says:

    How the fuck is retrospective red card helping Celtic we’ve been down this road so many times before ,this guy cant now play against the Huns ,how does that benefit Celtic we would have been better letting that tackle go ,how many times have teams including Sevco benefitted from bad tackles on our players then getting retrospective reds ,how the fuck does that help us ,my suggestion is ok 3 match ban but only against the team you tried to wipe out ,what’s wrong with that ,ok Mr butcher you near broke David Turnbull’s leg ,now you are banned from playing against Celtic for the next three games,play against any other team so be it ,but not the team that got red carded for or oops retrospective red card ,well .y fellow Celtic fans is that not fair and I would include any. Celtic player that done what that butcher cunt did ,if he was a Celtic player and done that to another player and I don’t care what shirts they wear I would call that out.

  • Frank pearson says:

    Great point Jim but that is too simple for the morons running the game in Scotland all in each other’s pockets.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Refereeing in Scotland has been historically corrupt but in recent years has reached new levels of openly cheating to benefit a club whose 1st incarnation died in 2012 and its successor club born under dubious circumstances the same year had to be helped to keep the WATP part of the Scottish population happy.

    I’ve said it for a long long time it will never change until Celtic are able to join another league.

    The Celtic Board are a shower of cowards and have helped this bastard club from Ibrox all the way. Big Ange is just learning what he’s up against.

  • ?Green Machine? says:

    Can’t Beat No Clubs Fair and Square.Got every Masonic referee in there undying Pledge to make sure Sevco are a success No Matter What,Conspiracies???Yes right enough we are All Paranoid(Not)

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