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‘The guy’s unhinged’ ‘Allan walked away’ ‘Comedy gold’ Allan McGregor taken to task

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In any game of Word Association it is unlikely that sporting or integrity will feature in answer to Allan McGregor. 

The former Hull City goalkeeper has enjoyed a rather chequered life, in 2012 he walked away from the former love of his life to join Besiktas as a free agent. 

Prior to that Greegsy had picked up an international ban after a boozy night out with Barry Ferguson followed by some rather immature gestures at photographers at a Hampden international. 

Sporting Integrity is a phrase that Ibrox fans hold dear, wrongly believing that a great Scottish football conspiracy acted against them in 2008 to deny the old club the UEFA Cup and SPL title. 

The reality is a little uncomfortable, much like liquidation on 2012. Calling off a league match against Gretna had a knock on effect for every other club in 2008, the final set of fixtures were played on a Thursday night with other clubs rusty after an 11 day break while Walter Smith’s European heroes were in peak fitness. 

Of course BBC Scotland wouldn’t dream of pointing out those uncomfortable truths, simply copying the comments without any context. Doing their bit to reinforce one of the many myths broadcast from Ibrox. 

BBC Scotland is entirely funded by licence/tax payers.

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  • Peter Cassidy says:

    This is the man that #ucked off rapido when his so called beloved club went bust 2012 never saw him for blue bigot dust like most of the so called die hard bigot players bigot fans have short memories and the blue bigot media .

  • Dora says:

    Thick as two short huns Al the tax dodging, tangerine topped Fkwit..!

  • Gerrymac says:

    Good one Dora, made me laugh

  • Gerard Glancy says:

    So since when did sporting advantage become sporting integrity Mr mcgregor. That’s right no fans suits you so you think. Stick your leg out and think before you speak. Rise above this nonsense celtic fans. The referees will decide.!!!!

  • John says:

    Sporting integrity, oh like slashing Celtic away fans allocation at Ibrox aye there’s ”sporting integrity ” for you

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